Common Sense on abortion issues.

My @Quora answer to Is abortion a necessary evil?

Note: I believe for me, in my life, that abortion is wrong because it’s the result of an abdication of my Responsibilities as a human to insure that I don’t start a life I’m not willing to support. That said this IS a choice each person must be allowed to make for themselves. Religion and government have zero place in that.

Sadly, I believe abortion is a necessary evil, for the simple reason that it’s utterly impossible to legislate common sense or good decision making.

Here’s what we can do which will, and do (provably) effectively reduce the need for abortion:

1) TEACH our kids the Facts about how and why babies get started… both before and after puberty.

2) TEACH our kids the true costs to having unplanned babies… all the way around the equation.
Costs to the children “parents”:
You are now Responsible for the ENTIRE welfare of another person, for the NEXT 18+ YEARS. (This alone was enough to get my undivided attention)
Loss of choices in Life.
Loss of education.
Financial costs… raising a kid costs, by even the cheapest estimate +$50k.

Costs to the parents of the child “parents”:
Lost work time reducing income.

Costs to the baby
MUCH higher likely hood of living in poverty due to lack of education and resources.

If we Teach kids the REALITY then, and only then will they have enough information to make valid decisions for themselves…. and kids aren’t even half as thoughtless as adults think they are.

3) Provide FULL access to birth control for puebescent kids so that IF (even with all these facts at hand) they get “struck stupid” by their hormones, they STILL have a CHOICE about the results.

Note that this access is NOT in any way an approval of teen sex, it is a simple recognition that a percentage of kids will get slapped Stoopid by their hormones… when they do, would you rather have another be by in the house, or would you rather give them the tools to prevent what can be both a blessing and a tragedy in one?

Choose.  You can have one or the other, but you can’t have both (no matter how badly you may want to).

4) After that all we can do is be open to reiterate the messages and Facts.

5) Then… here’s the really hard part:  Trust them to use these tools to make good decisions for themselves.
The vast majority will.
The few who don’t will, at least have tools so they have a choice.