The grand Orwellian lie of US Health “Insurance”

I keep hearing people tell me that we “can’t afford” a Canadian style universal health care system because it “would bankrupt the Nation.” It’s time we debunk that lie for good.

Though it is substantially less expensive on both a cost per capita basis and a percentage of GDP basis than US health care, Universal Health Care is not “free” in any sense; it’s simply paid for through taxes instead of through our individual payments to “insurance” companies, and the plethora of administrative leeches associated with the designed complexity of the insurance system.

This “insurance” scheme in the US amounts to blatant fraud for profit which I’ll address in a moment.

The other lie I hear from a great many politicians and industry appologists is that there’s “no legitimate way to compare” US and Canadian health care costs because of the size vs. population density disparity of the two countries.


Here’s the per capita Health Care (average per person) costs of various nations scaled against Longevity:

So the politicians’ claim is factually incorrect. In short, it’s a flat lie.
There is a valid, direct, comparison to be had by using cost per capita, or the national cost as a percentage of G.D.P. What makes it a valid comparison is the fact that cost per capita or cost as a percentage of G.D.P. both scale with any population increases. In the case of G.D.P. it’s not a direct correlation, but when we look at per capita (aka: Average cost per person) costs it absolutely is a direct scale where the available money increases with any increase in population.

You can even graph it yourself…

Now… Here’s the other lie: Our bribed and treasonous Congresscritters act like it is perfectly normal & acceptable that we pay 40% to 60% more than any industrialized nation while completely ignoring the Fact that, by any measure, our national outcomes are far worse:

*Longevity As shown in the chart above

* % of Citizens covered Even with the 40% to 60% premium we pay we still have between 24% and 30% of our Citizens with zero coverage and thus zero access to care.

*Child birth deaths. US Childbirth deaths double Canadian rate

*Bankruptcy due to medical expenses for insured patients (are you kidding me?! WTF is insurance actually useful for, if it doesn’t prevent catastrophic costs from bankrupting you?!)

Bottom line: Our cost vs results metrics are absolutely horrid. They’re quite literally the worst in the world except for a few “third world” nations.

The entire problem here is that these valid, direct, comparisons are, quite carefully never ever used by anyone in business, MSM media, or government because they show clearly how thoroughly We The People are being defrauded by insurance companies. Asking “Who Profits from this” shows that this is being done in collusion with bribed Congresscritters and State legislators. Asking “Who Profits?” also makes clear that Congress is servicing their corporate fascist bribers at Our expense: Diagnosis: Reform

Bill Moyers: Money, Politics and Health

So… Who Profits from the following:

*Certificate of Need laws preventing innovation by mandating that any new service model gets appr oval from the existing competition.
*The Bush era “reforms” of Medicare which prohibited Medicare from negotiating drug and durable medical equipment costs and then in a second round if “reforms” prohibited Medicare from even looking at the potential cost savings. Our government is the only pack of idiots in the world which has passed such blatantly corporate fascist laws in servicing their bribers.
Sorry folks, but there’s simply no “polite” way to say this.

Using those valid comparison metrics I noted earlier; We US Citizens are forced to pay almost double what any other industrialized nation pays and yet we still have some 24% to 30% of our Citizens with zero valid, usable, access to health care. In contrast those other nations pay a little more than half what we pay (per Capita or as a percentage of GDP) and have everyone… even tourists… covered for everything.

No matter how you slice and dice the numbers our system SUCKS.

The grand Orwellian fraud of the Health “Insurance” Deductible

The health insurance deductible is a blatant rip off, courtesy of the collusion of a bribed and treasonous Congress serving their corporate bribers by mandating that everyone (except the wealthy) buy mafia style health “insurance” while removing the one valid option for ordinary Citizens… the Public Option.

I speak from a position of knoweldge here because I lived for my first 30 years having actual insurance through Kaiser Permanate. I paid between $90 and $123 and month; and but for a $25 copay everything was covered.

My cash, out of pocket costs for medical care were (pre Rmoneycare/PPACA) WELL under $1500 a year. I’m 55, healthy, one prescription (A teenagers’ dose of Xanax for stress as needed). I’m now forced to pay in excess of $4500.00 BEFORE ANY services are provided.

The Insurance Mafia multinationals (and their bribed appologists) claim this three fold increase is “due to increased costs,” yet logic, history, and math tell me clearly that this is a blatant Lie! My health condition hasn’t changed, in fact the “expected” loss of lung function of a 55 year old is +22%; my actual loss is under 11%. I’m on the same prescription I’ve been on for 30 years now, at what is a teenagers’ dose.

So… Here’s the real numbers:
My current “insurance” costs me $4,596 a year through my wife’s employer (a public school), with a $1500 deductible and a 20% copay on “as billed” (list price) procedures.

Because I take Xanax the D.E. F’ing A. insists that I get a drug test every 90 days at an “insured” cost of $48.00 (which test I could purchase at Rite Aid for $18.00) plus an office visit for $145.00 for a per visit cost of $193.00

Through the magic math of Insurance Mafia mandated “provider discounts” enforced on all providers by the insurance company, that $193 “Total cost” becomes (to the insurance mafia) $81.20 less the “20% copay” on $193 list ($38.60 IF I’ve already spent over $1500 out of pocket) that I’m stuck with, and my so called “insurance” company actually has me paying almost 50% of the actual cost. All because the insurance company is playing highway robber with both me and my doctor through “managed fees and discounts.”

So… Basic costs ×4 if nothing else is done I’m out of pocket $155 for the year in addition to the $4,596… IF we’ve met our $1500 deductable then total for the year is a bare minimum of $4751 before any wellness checkup, lab work, blood draws, etc. (Recall that my pre PPACA costs were less than $1500 for the year)

Bottom line: I am financially better off by at least $5000 every year without insurance… and that’s buying it through a job. Without that “discount” I’d be ripped off by almost $6500 per year. Over 20 years (assuming the “insurance” rates and doctor costs stay static… ha!) I get ripped off to the tune of $128,000.00 .
With the “discount” buying it through a job it’s “only” $76,800.00.

The worst part of this fatuous, fraudulent, Orwellian mess comes when the doc wants to do additional things and I ask “How much is this going to cost me?”

I dont get a straight answer. Instead I get an intentionally non-responsive response of “We don’t know, you’ll find out when you get the insurance E.O.B.” so I can’t even have a valid, usable, way to compare costs between doctors or insurers.

Now for an extra little kick in the ass from our Mafia Style “Insurance” companies…
In 2007 +62% of peoeach who went bankrupt cited medical bills as the proximate cause and 57% WERE Insured when those bills were incurred. It’s only gotten worse since. Medically Induced Bankruptcy

To.make the situation even more special our Taxpayer Funded hospitals are also ripping us off. Hospital Bureaucracy Costs us billions

So… contrary to our Medical “Insurance” industry’s memes about how wonderful and caring that are; having their “Insurance” doesn’t even help with protecting you from bankruptcy due to medical events!
All in all, from a Consumers perspective, health “insurance” as it exists today, is a straight rip off.

All considered: W.T.F. am I paying you pack of greedy, lying, Bastards?

*Cue Dire Straits*

Dire Straits: Money for Nothing

This is why I draw a direct parallel between Mafia Business “Insurance” and our intentional rip off “system” of U.S. Medical “Insurance.”

TL;DR Yes, you’re correct; you (and we) are being boldly, and blatantly, stolen from, and it’s intentional; with the full assistance and collusion of a bribed and treasonous Congress!

Corruption is Legal in America

Even worse; you’re not “giving” (willingly) anything to insurance companies by having a deductible because you, quite literally, have no valid, usable, option… Every single one of these “insurance” plans has a deductable, and it’s invariably a large one. Since you have no valid, usable, alternative this too is being stolen from you.

If you’re not outraged, you are not paying attention!

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  1. Alex

    actually since your insurance is through the school system your wife is probably only paying 40% of the cost of insurance. Think you have it bad? Your wife more than likely has a cadillac plan that has remained untouched by obama care. He has conveniently put that off until after he leaves office. Think you have bad now, wait till that hits you. pre obamacare I paid 235 a month for me, wife and 3 boys, in a HSA where I controlled cost. It is now 1200 a month, is unusable insurance that you have to fight with, and have little to no control over. Before where blood work labs checked all the pertinent aspects of health, because of restrictions put in place, testing is only done on exactly what needs to be tested. So if they are checking for a infection, cholesterol is not checked over saving a few dollars. Bernie and HIllary will only seek to take us to single payer which you may not see the payment coming out of your check on a monthly basis, but it will cost more and level of service will go down. Your best hope is repeal of Obamacare and return to health insurance as a employer offered benefit with no restrictions.


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