What would you do with $100 Billion?

My @Quora answer to If you had 100 billion dollars and you knew that you would always live like a multi-billionaire,… http://qr.ae/vm06g

Here’s what I’d do with $100 Billion:
1) Start a self recharging $20B micro loan program for developing nations to finance Community Owned Water (with Nestle et al banned from those wells in perpetuity), and Community Owned Agriculture (with Monsanto banned from those fields in perpetuity).

Once its taken off and is self sustaining/growing I would use $20 Billion or so to bring charges of “Treason Against the Nation, and the US Constitution” against EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS who voted to pass the Patriot Act, NDAA, or the Monsanto Protection Act.

Then I use another $20 Billion to start the Fair Representation Foundation and push HARD for a Constitutional Amendment to:
1) Institute a UN approved voting system including progressive runoff voting.

2) Make it crystal clear that ANY “donation” to a Congressperson of over $5k (be it corporate, or individual) is BRIBERY Of Public Officials (see RICO and #RICOtheBastards), and thus is a felony for both the briber/middle man AND the member accepting the bribe.
2a) ENFORCE Section 3 of the 14th Amendment (yes… I know!; We would have to newly elect all but 46 or so out of 535).

Oh… and PACs get prosecuted under RICO.

That’s $60B, the balance I sit on in case I need a legal defense fund because every politician, and multinational corporation is now, officially, after my hide!

Now with first presidential candidate I can actually vote FOR (Bernie) being in the race, I’d also send him $2 Billion or so.

Hillary v. The Clown Bus = Shit sandwich on rye with thousand v. Shit sandwiches on white with mayo.

Thanks, No. I ordered a F’ing Reuben! Hold the shit.