The lessons I’d teach my kids.

My @Quora answer to What is the one most valuable lesson in life you would teach your children first?

You are loved. A lot. (It bears repeating)
If you can read well, you can learn ANYTHING.
If you would know the truth of a person, ignore their words and look at their actions… Look at how they treat others, especially others who can do nothing for them. Kindness is its’ own reward.
“Common Wisdom” is rarely wise.
Common Sense is not common. In fact the ability and the will to question what “everyone knows” using independent analysis is a rare and precious thing thing in society. Support it.
Religion: Study it. Question its precepts. Analyse it. If you find that you need to choose those beliefs in order to be happy… do it. Remember that your beliefs are a CHOICE… Sometimes they are chosen by default, but they are still a CHOICE.
HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. It is directly affected by what you choose to believe, and by what you choose to pay attention to. If you choose to focus on the slings and arrows of life (over time) you will be unhappy. If you choose to pay attention to the good and be grateful for the joy (over time)… you will be happy.
Politicians lie, almost all of them, constantly.
If you would know the real, True, why of what they’re doing ask one simple Question: “Who profits from this?!”