On the great Orwellian lie of corporate personhood.


Citizens have been conned into believing (against all logic and reason) that a corporation is somehow *.* equivalent to a Citizen in terms of Rights by dint of being comprised of an association of Citizens.

*.* waves hands vehemently in air

Here’s what that claim so blatantly ignores… Fact, Logic and Reason.

Here’s what is intentionally evaded by the claim… Citizens hold their Rights, and those Rights vest, on an individual level.  The claim that a group of Citizens should have any Rights other than those which are already vested in the individual gives those individuals who are part of corporations an extra, unfettered opportunity to bribe Congress which the non afilliated Citizens do not get.

In this disengenuious obfuscation a member of a corporation gets to donate as an individual and gets to donate again as a part of the corporation, where ordinary Citizens who aren’t part of the management structure of the corporation have no voice.

Another issue is that Our Constitution demands that Our politicians work to protect the nation and Our Constitution. Allowing corporations to have any speech in our political processes sets up an entirely perverse incentive for politicians to violate and gut Our Constitution.

This is because the Constitution and the Citizens have a completely different purpose than corporations do.

The Constitution is set up to protect Citizens and their Rights from subjugation by power.

Corporations OTOH, are designed to increase profit with blyth disregard for any other metrics… including the good of the Nation, her Citizens or Our Constitution.

Thus; folks who claim that business owners “make the most effective politicians” are essentially saying that foxes, hawks, snakes, and weasles make the best chicken farmers.

Um… if you’re a chicken (non wealthy Citizen)… not so much!

Here’s the good news… there’s only a few tens of thousands of the oligarchs while there’s hundreds of millions of Us.

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