No, dear, progresses don’t hate corporations, we hate government servicing corporations over Citizens.

I keep hearing so called “conservative” pundits crying about how the Citizens supposedly “hate capitalism.”
This is what is commonly referred to in debate circles as either a False Conflation or a Straw Man argument.

*Lights match and steps forward*

The “problem” isn’t capitalism per se.

The problem is the brand of unfettered, unregulated capitalism where profit trumps ALL concerns including the lives and health of the customers/citizens that the corporations are earning their wealth from.

We’ve LOST (or perhaps given up) the sense of noblesse oblige which once existed in the business world to the demands, from Wall Street, for double digit profits this year, or even this quarter.

*sets Straw Man aflame*

It wasn’t all that long ago that I ran my own business. In that time (mid 90s) 3% YOY was Good growth, 6% YOY was Great growth, and +8% YOY would trigger some HARD looks for potential fraud. 12% YOY…. it didn’t matter how good everything looked…. you were NOT getting a loan from anyone.

The “new” rallying cry in the corporate world is not “What’s Right for our customers?”, but rather “What can we get away with before we get prosecuted, and who can we bribe to avoid prosecution?”

Update: I am, once again about to be a small business owner….
Here’s the key difference between my business and any large corporation:
I know my clients personally, like them (for the most part) and want them to succeed in their field.  My work for them is ALL about supporting that.
It’s called “Enlightened Self Interest” and it is the gut level recognition that in most cases if I help someone be successful they will help me do the same.

This is what’s missing in almost any public ally owned corporation.  They generally (because of the unreasoned demands of Wall St.) Consider the transaction between customer and company to be one of “how much can we get away with wringing out of them?”

I experienced this recently in dealing with Sears on a refrigerator “repair”.  I am a refrigeration engineer but I called them because I just didn’t have time to fix it when it needed fixed.

So the guy comes out mis-diagnoses the problem. The company wants to charge me $385 for an $34 part and 1/2 hour of labor (the going labor rate here is $60 to $100 per hour).  I paid his show up ($79), said no thanks and sent him on his way.

When I diagnosed it, it turned out to be a completely different part at fault.
When I called Sears to discuss this little problem they wouldn’t even talk to me.

The illustration here is that corporations (especially big ones) are inherently, by their very design, completely anti-moral.

The attitude so blatantly shown by Sears tells me quite clearly that they don’t give a rats’ ass about my wellbeing, fairness, or anything else but their profits.

To contrast that on the very rare occasion that I misdiagnose something I either don’t charge, or refund the show up because Integrity, and the well being of my clients Matters.