Alan Grayson nails it to the wall.

Here’s the article:

And his words from the article:

I started noticing voter anger around 2009. Initially, its locus was the Tea Party. They’re the ones who would form a circle around a political event, holding hands, and start chanting expletives. I attributed this to the Tea Party’s deep dissatisfaction with living in the 21st century. To them, basically, everything went south when Jane Wyatt stopped playing Robert Young’s Stepford wife on Father Knows Best, and started playing Spock’s mother, Amanda … Grayson, on Star Trek. (Does that mean that Spock and I are future relatives? I don’t know.) For them, things have never been the same since.
Generally speaking, the problem for Team Blue is not anger; it’s apathy. However, by roughly the year 2012, Team Blue had caught up in the Anger Games, and the score was tied.

Politically, we then entered very interesting territory. For many years up to that time, polling had showed that even when Congress had a negative approval rating, most voters wanted to reelect their individual members of Congress. (It’s as though Congress had become Garrison Keilor’s Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average.) No more. Now polls showed a majority in favor of voting out one’s own member of Congress, a matter quite unnerving to one’s own member of Congress. Moreover, polls showed that most voters wished that voting booths offered a magic Shakespearean “let’s kill all the incumbents” button that would let them throw out all the bums by extending a single digit. (The middle one, I surmise.) And speaking of digits, Congress’s approval rating sank into single digits.

Why? Well, the superficial explanation is that voters feel that elected officials simply aren’t listening. We had a good example of that a few weeks ago, on the Fast Track bill. A GOP member of Congress confided in me that his calls and emails were running 100-to-1 against Fast Track. In some Democratic offices, the numbers probably were even more one-sided. (Many of the people reading these very words had something to do with that.) Nevertheless, in the Party of the People, 13 Democratic Senators initially voted against proceeding with Fast Track, and then voted for proceeding with Fast Track. So that gutless anti-egalitarian bill slipped past a Senate filibuster with no votes to spare. Then, in the House, 28 Democratic Congressmen broke ranks, passing Fast Track by only four extra votes. (Meaning that if four votes had switched, Fast Track would have been halted in its … tracks.) From the voters’ perspective, that’s a very good example of “you’re not listening to me!”

Here’s my reaction:
Nailed it! Thanks!
Note that politicians would all do well to remember what the People did to Saddam Hussain when his approval rating was at 18%…  For me it’s a matter of my “representatives” (like Ron Wyden) selling me down the river with his choice to support TPP, at MY EXPENSE, so that his corporate bribers feel he’s servicing them properly.
I will be voting Wyden out and if his treason against Our Constitution, which he swore a legally binding Oath to protect, continues; I may well start a crowd funding campaign to recall him and get him, and his “donors” charged criminally under the RICO Sections dealing with Bribery Public Officials.
I’ll also be writing in Bernie Sanders in both the Primary (I’m a DINO) and the Election, because he’s the only presidential candidate I’ve seen in over 40 years whom I can actually vote FOR, instead of being forced into a “choice” between a shit sandwich on rye with thousand; or a shit sandwich on white.
This is no longer acceptable to me:
On any level, and certainly not by default.
Bottom line: I know that the DNC is going to select Hillary no matter what the Citizens say… they’ve already made that perfectly clear, as has our “news” media. I still won’t vote for her because she’s more of the same old Grandiose Obfuscating Plutocrats masquerading as being for the Citizens while she very quietly votes for more corporate fascisim in the service of her big bank, and big insurance bribers.
No more. If I can’t vote FOR a candidate I’ll find one whom I can vote FOR, evendors iF its inot the Greenlist Party. Both major parties are hereby cordially invited to take their meme of the wasted vote, fold it carefully until it’s all sharp corners and RAM it.