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My @Quora answer to Does the African American population in the US need to form a militia to force the government to…

I’m a fellow Citizen, Veteran, Patriot (to my nation and my fellow Citizens, not the government), and Voter.
I’m also white so while I’ve experienced complete and utter bullshit at the hand of our “justice” system and witnessed what minorities have to contend with, I’ve never been subjected to the levels of bullshit which blacks have.

I’ve often considered that this militancy might be an option but I still hold hope in my fellow Citizens.

I also know, being a Veteran, what the exact results would be for everyone involved in such an uprising… however valid their (our) demands for redress are.  It would not be pretty, nor would it suceed.

Here’s the reality:
We have now police, National Guard, and Army which are trained and extremely effective at inner city combat. Think Kosovo plus an order of magnitude.

They also have microwave weapons and sonic weapons in addition to all the conventional nasties like C.S. and C.X. tear gas. C.S. isn’t so terrible but C.X. makes you puke constantly until you can’t walk.

With the grand Orwellian misnomer of the “Patriot” Act in place, the first thing to happen is that black ops teams would simply “vanish” the leaders to Gitmo, or some nation using extraordinary rendition… Poof! Gone to some black hole where the CIA Traitors to Our Constitution will do whatever they damned well please.

This will happen at the first whiff of such an organization under the theory that “The ends justify the means.” They don’t, ever, but that is the “justification” which would be used.

I’ve a better idea, slower; but much healthier for all concerned:

We The People now have some 45% of voters who are no show, no call, in our elections. That is a far larger group than either major party can claim.

We also have, for the first time in over 40 years a presidential candidate whom I can vote FOR, whole heartedly, without having to hold my nose to stop a gag reflex.

Before we go to that extreme and all the destruction it would bring to the neighborhoods in poverty why not educate and motivate that 45% of no shows, who are even more disgusted than I am with our bribed and treasonous Public Officials,  to vote for Bernie.

Here’s some education tools:

Look up Bernie, look up his actions (votes). This man has integrity in Spades.*  EVERY. SINGLE. VOTE. he’s cast has been to serve Citizens over Corporate fascists. He was one of 66/535 who voted against ‘Patriot’ and against its re authorization under N.D.A.A. (wwhich Obama signed into law.

Bernie works for Us, Our Constitution, and Our Nation unlike the other 469/535 Congresscritters. I was going to write in Warren, but from my perspective Bernie is Our guy in both words and action.

If We can rise up through direct peaceful community action to educate and re- enegage that 45% who’ve said fuck it, we can shut down BOTH major parties and their corporate bribers in ’16.

Hell, even 2/3: of that 45% could do the trick. Note carefully that this 45% represents a number far larger than either Party can claim. If this 45% can be woken up to vote for Bernie well see an upset which makes Obama in ’08 look like a minor win. We saw a taste of this awakening in ’08, but it was only a taste.

*(Bridge term, just so there’s no misunderstanding; Spades is the Trump suit in Bridge, or a flat nosed garden shovel)