Finding joy and peace.

My @Quora answer to How do you enjoy life when you know there is no God, no love, no justice in this world?
Enjoying life is easy and simple without gods… Here’s how I do it:
Donate my time and food to the local homeless shelter regularly.
Help out a friend as needed.
Having enough work to cover the bills at 10 to15 hours a week.
Call Mom and spend an hour catching up once an week or so.
Never worry whether I’ll  be sent to some mythical hell for some arbitrary reason.
Nuzzle on the couch with my Darling Wife watching this:

Our First Dance at our wedding, and still crying with joy.
Tending our numerous plants.
Seeing our Christmas Cactus explode into red, pink, and white blossoms for no good reason.
Rescuing a local Mc Donalds store with a dead bun toaster at 17:45 this evening… and then not charging overtime.
Working to gain skilz with the sound board at our Unitarian Fellowship so the services sound awesome.
Giving the homeless guy outside the McDonald’s 4 sets of hand warmers for “no good reason.”
Nuzzle up with the Darling Wife watching a Bobcat Golthwait show.
Never worry that I’ll be shunned for some violation of arbitrary dogma
Flinging the dog (throwing the ball) and watching him galumph with unbounded joy after it.
The peace of a dark clear sky.
The sheer wonder of those millions of stars.
The frequent spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

THESE moments:

The simple joy of a fire in the wood stove on a cold night.
The beauty of Our new Unitarian Universalist fellowship.
The knoweldge that we built it with gifts to be as energy efficent as possible (L.E.E.D. Platinum)
The peace of being encouraged to welcome all folks there without worrying if they’ll “fit in” with our dogma.
The art we surround ourselves with at home..

​Never having to abdicate responsibility for my actions being congruent with my morals.
Being surrounded by books of all sorts
Picking a Quart plus of, ass pinching fresh, tart, sweet, juicy, strawberries twice a week in summer from our chemical free garden.
Never being pressured to violate my morals in the name of dogma.
Getting to be freely and joyfully eclectic.
Building wonderful healthy, whole, food for my family.
But most of all… Choosing Gratitude.

There’s more… lots more, but this makes a decent start.

Now… before you go there… Choosing Gratitude isn’t about a god, it’s about choosing to pay attention to the good stuff, the simple heart wrenching joys which surround us every day. It’s a Choice to be mindful of them when those moments appear. It’s about giving Service to my fellows… just because I can, and being grateful that I can.

Honestly, what more could I need or want?
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