Yes kids, the so called “Patriot” Act is Treason against Our Constitution by Congress.

My @Quora answer to Is the “Patriot” Act un-American (even if constitutional)?

The “Patriot” Act, F.I.S.A., and the current versions of the National Defense Authorization Act (which specifically purports to “allow” application of those fiat laws to Citizens) blatantly, and intentionally, and treasonously violates Our Constitution, in both letter and spirit.

It’s so incredibly bad that one of the “authors” who wrote (actually, pulled it out of a drawer and updated it) the damned thing recently said it needed to be removed from law, along with many who voted to pass it.

Worst these laws are entirely illegal and treasonous acts of “rebellion or insurrection against the US Constitution” (under The US Constitution, 14th Amendment, Section 3) by declaring a changing of Our Constitution without Our agreement to those changes, as required by the Amendment process, and the terms of Our Constitution.

Each and every Congresscritter who voted to pass these “laws” should, under the terms of Section 3 of the 14th amendment, be forever banned from holding any government office whether elected or appointed, for their treason against the Constitution they each “previously swore to protect”.

IMO, as a veteran, Citizen, and Voter, they also belong in prison for a term of not less than 10 years (with good behavior included; bad behavior = 15 years)… Gitmo, or some hellish Super Max (like Pelican Bay in CA) would be an entirely appropriate, and just, destination.

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