What are the international implications if Bernie is POTUS?

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Bernie as president would, I suspect, be nearly catastrophic for the other G20 nations at least in terms of their spending on social programs.

Here’s why:

Though these numbers have changed a bit since 2011 in that were now spending more than the next 9 “big spenders” where we used to spend more than the next 14; there’s still a massive international disparity here which one of several reasons why it’s (conveniently for multinational corporations) financially difficult for US Citizens to have decent national health care and social security programs.

Now… the chart above is damning, but since it only shows spending in dollars, we’re not getting the whole story. Lets see if we can find one which shows that spending in GDP Per Capita. Hmm. No charts. Ok.

The bottom line is that we’re (Citizens) being forced to spend 4.5% of GDP on “defense” while the vast majority of G20 nations are spending a bit more than half of that.

I’m not at all sure Bernie as president would go along with this disparity as its one of the many things which tamps down Our national ability to care for Citizens.

Now… if Bernie thinks the way I do (and I suspect he might from his other positions I’ve looked at) this disparity is helping other nations pay for their social programs while costing Us Ours. So on that level, this would be a Bad Thing for them as they’d have to make some serious adjustments to keep the same level of preparation.

On the other hand, if our “defense” spending got cut to the 1.7% to 2.4% GDP of other nations “our” government would necessarily become a LOT less warlike. Overall I suspect this would be viewed by the rest of the world as a large net/net Good Thing.

With all that said I don’t think any such changes will be permitted by the corporate fascists that bribe Our Congresscritters, or the insane number of psychopathic “alphabet” agencies that are part of our government.

See, if there’s a 50% reduction in war funding there’s also a reduction in the perceived need for companies which build bombs, tanks, and battle ships.
On addition the Criminals In America have never shown any restraint in destabilizing other nations in order to create a “need” for their “services.”

Worse, We The People and what We want gets utterly ignored by “our” Congresscritters over 70% of the time because of THIS blatant bribery… and the Fact that our so called “Justice Department completely ignores the RICO Sections on Bribery of Public Officials.

And this:

Drives this rush to the fascist side:
2012 Primary

2012 General

For the record here’s ’08 Primary

And the ’08 General

And here’s the ’04 General

Coincidence? Could be… Follow the money and ask yourself that one Critical Question: “Who the F profits from this?!”

Could it be these corporate fascist bribers of Congresscritters?


Last Question: Why the F do We tolerate this situation, and could this be the reason Bernie is doing so amazingly well while getting ZERO support from our national corporate owned “news” media.