My reply to those who claim that We “shouldn’t tax corporations”:

My @Quora comment on an answer to Will Bernie Sanders cut back spending and balance the budget?

And if there were no taxes on corporations that Republican half truth claims that prices would come down 30%. Yet that’s never happened.

You and I both know that corporations exist for one reason, and one reason only: To maximize profit. We also know from history that they, with very rare exceptions, do so with blyth disregard for the wellbeing of their customers or any moral code other than “make as much as you can as quickly as you can.”

Witness: Ford called the 800 victims of its gross intentional negligence with the Pinto, and not one, but two later pick up trucks “acceptable losses”. I’m fairly sure that Toyota took the same view with its accelerator problem, and Jeep does with their exploding gas tank.

Even though it speaks to the anti moral nature of corporations; the real issue in my answer is that corporations are collecting tax dollars from Citizens and refusing to remit them via an international game of Three Card Monte as is shown by the CTJ links… or the prospectus of almost any multinational (“earnings retained in anticipation of taxes due”)

Up until about 1960 or so large or multinational corporations did pay taxes. And they paid taxes at a similar rate to Citizens. The only reason they no longer pay taxes is that they started refusing to do so while bribing Congresscritters to declare that refusal “legal” while they still collected those tax dollars from Citizens.

This, viewed through legal principles  (without the fiat of “because we can”) is directly and precisely equivalent to my employer with holding $10 k from my paychecks “in anticipation of taxes due” and then refusing to remit it… It means that I get to pay my twice over unless I sue; because the State comes after me for that shortage (BTDT BTW).

The problem is that with large and/or multinational corporations there is no court to turn to.

So we Citizens “get to” pay taxes four times:
Once invisibily  when I buy a product  (buried in the price)

Once when I pay my own taxes on the visible money I earn

Once when I get my taxes jacked up to account for the shortage caused by corporate tax evasion.

Once when we are forced to pay the insane profit margins for war pigs plus the $158 Billion in corporate welfare to already insanely wealthy corporations.