Really Mr. Takei? That’s the best you can come up with?

My @Quora answer to Was it racist of George Takei to call Justice Clarence Thomas a ‘Clown In Blackface’ over his ma…

“A clown in blackface”??!!

Seriously? With all the vast plethora of legitimate, factual, things to attack Clarence Thomas with; This is the best he could come up with to use in this legitimate public discussion?
Wow…. just wow.

While I agree with many of Mr. Takeis’ sociopolitical positions, I hereby charge him with, and find him guilty of, an Ad Homenim Attack. These types of attacks are the first resort of the incompetent. Yes, it’s a racist accusation, but to my mind that’s not the Real Problem here.

The Real Problem here (as with so many Obama detractors) is that there’s a whole world of accurate, Fact based, things with which to discredit Thomas (whom I also despise) without using such blatant character assassination that adds nothing to the discussion.

The other Real Problem is that the simple Fact that this was said by someone completely discredits the person saying it… no matter how valid their disagreement may be.

In short:
Yea, it’s racist, and disgusting; and that’s not the Real problem with such statements. The real Problem is that such statements show the person making such claims to be, prima facia, completely incompetent, regardless of the actual merits of their dispute.

Thus such folks do a disservice to Us all by giving disengenuious, obfuscating, idiots the appearance of validity through debasing themselves with their own words.