The Truth about the distractions of our “news” media.

My @Quora answer to Why are some progressives and liberals fascinated with the notion that their ideological opponen…

Because that’s all “our” corporate owned “news” media shows them… and the opposite is all that rank and file conservatives are shown about rank and file liberals by that same corporate owned “news” media.

Now… want to see something even creepier?

​Update: There’s more!

Actually the government (and the corporate bribers who run the puppet strings) doesn’t think that reducing military spending is a good idea as it would dramatically impact the profits of their corporate bribers.

Proof of this assertion. is in the letter sent by 47 members of the Republican party brass in a direct and scurrilous attempt to derail peace talks.

I discussed that in detail here:  Kris Rosvold’s answer to Should this latest attempt by American Senate Republicans to derail working peace talks, be considered actionable treason/sedition, political suicide, or does anyone think it’s ok?

See here’s the thing, knowing full well the horrible costs of never ending wars upon our nation and an estimated  $4 Trillion in additional debt (which We The People “get to” pay for) over the last 15 years, there’s zero valid, logical, motive for their opposition to any peace talks, becsuse peace reduces a nations’ defense expenditures dramatically… That reduction in costs benefits the entire nation, her Citizens, and Our Constitution.  It also benefits those nations where we are currently fighting because … no bombs are going off there.


There’s no losers in these talks.

Basically theres just zero reasonable way to “justify” such opposition on any semblence of a reasonable foundation. Unless, and until, you include corporate bribery of Congress in the equation.

Look at the names and amounts of corporate fascist money flowing to Congresscritters while considering that letter and asking Who would stand to profit from such a blatant attempt to gut a peace process?! Cui Bono?!
Here’s who profits (below the fold):

When we introduce this one factor, their apparently insane actions become absolutely crystal clear: They simply want more profits for their corporate fascist bribers so that those bribers have more money to give Congress.

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