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My @Quora answer to Why do 50% of Americans take dietary supplements when there are no proven benefits of doing so?

Isn’t it interesting and curious that we have these vaunted new studies asserting that vitamin and mineral supplements “have no value” all of a sudden…

These “experts” SAY there is nothing gained, and yet…
The only time I get sick is when I DON’T take my vitamins, which happens about once every 3-5 years or so. On the rare occasions when I do start to get a cold or flu, I add 1000 mg of C, some zinc, and some selenium… and I’m DONE in 1/2 a day to 2 days, instead of the week or two most folks tolerate.

I heal faster than most. I’m 52 with a family history of high blood pressure, and have none.
I have a family history of exceptionally bad cholesterol levels, and mine is perfectly normal.

I smoke and according to the Doctor should have a lung capacity loss of around 30%, yet have a 8% loss (which is 1% to 2% above the loss comparable to a nonsmoker of my age).

Also consider that these “experts” are the same ones who told us that hydrogenated oils were better for us than butter, that all salt was bad for us, and in the 70s told us how wonderful vitamins were, how chlorination of water in metal pipes posed zero health risk, how fluoridation of water posed no health risk, that Agent Orange is perfectly safe for those handling it, that hexavalent chromium in water supplies couldn’t POSSIBLY cause a leukemia outbreak, that fortified white balloon bread was better for you than whole grain peasant bread, that conventional veggies have all the nutrients of organics, that selenium isn’t necessary to human health, that herbal medicine doesn’t work, that chiropractic treatment is a fraud, that meat animals being fed their own offal is a good idea, that BPA in food packaging is “safe” (and just you never mind that it mimics estrogen).. etc. etc. *BARF*

Seriously? Just how gullible do they think I am?!

So… Am I to believe my own direct experience or, am I to over-ride  that direct experience in favor of “experts” who’ve been dramatically wrong (often “conveniently” so, for corporations BTW) SO very MANY TIMES OVER THE DECADES?

Now it’s MY TURN for a Question   or five.(and, yes I’ve looked at the reports, pretty throughly)

1) Cui Bono?
2) Who paid for these studies?
3) Who profits if they are, yet again, WRONG? 
4) Worse, what does it cost ME, personally, if I “just go along with the common wisdom” that is so very often neither?
5) Cui Bono?!! (It bears repeating)

No, thanks so very much for your input, and your “concern,” but I think I’ll continue taking vitamins and minerals in moderate amounts.

I’ll also continue to decline eating GMO foods.

I’ll continue to avoid canned and processed “foods” 

I’ll continue to eat organic meats, whole grains, and veggies raised as they were designed by evolution to be raised. 

I’ll also continue to avoid water with massive amounts of chloramine and fluoride, and hexavalent chromium… totally aside from not believing the convenient assertions of “safety” it tastes like CRAP! So, no. I won’t drink it.

Thanks so much, but no thanks!