The Truth about actual, verifiable, voter fraud.

My @Quora answer to How much voter fraud goes on in US elections?

Individual voter fraud?

Zero for all intents and purposes… it’s less likely that you would experience meaningful individual voter fraud that it would be for you to be struck by lighting twice in a row on the same day. There were less than 10 real cases out of +150,000,000 votes in 2012
…call it something less than 15,000,000:1

Now… Party Fraud upon voters?
How about these:

Rigged, “vote shifting” diebold machines with zero paper trail.
Precinct location shifting just 6 months prior to election (to preclude time for court challenges). This is the second one with a bit more lead time:
Precinct “consolidation” in poor neighborhoods to “save money” just 7 months before election.,_don%27t_tell_voters
“Purging” Voter rolls just months before election so that those purged don’t have any time to appeal.  And old Rick is at it again!
Rolling in voter I.D. laws just 4 to 6 months before election so that opponents don’t have time to take it to court (or get I.D. for those who can’t afford it) before the election.
Blatant gerrymandering.

Cutting a full week of the early voting periods in FL, OH, and KY, just a month before the election.
“Vanished” absentee ballots.

Koch (rhyme with rock) “educational” PAC  mailing fake absentee ballots to liberal voters a month before the election with the wrong return address on the envelope.
Mysterious “missing” voting machines throughout the poor precincts in OH, FL, and KY.

There’s plenty of Voter fraud going on; but it’s all (every last bit of it) being done by election officials, and Party cronies, instead of individual Citizens.

Ya know, with all that going on in just the past few years; one might reasonably suspect that the only way Republican party brass can win elections is by cheating….