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Preface: Let me note that the vast majority of my disgust with our corporate media is not aimed at the reporters, but at the corporatist system they are stuck with trying to survive in.  How is any real investigative reporter to break a story about what’s broken about why we get forced into wars which citizens don’t want when GE signs the reporters’ paycheck?  How does said story make it past editing, without the bosses getting reamed (or fired) for embarrassing the parent corporation?

I’m sorry for the harsh words which follow, and if the truth hurts I’m sorry for that too.  However the best way to heal an abscess is to lance it, otherwise it continues to fester and can ultimately kill the patient.

There’s a reason our founders included the press specifically in the First Amendment. They were to have been our early warning system when congress went astray.  That duty has now been abdicated to multinational corporations.

Here’s the core of the problem I see:

Not very long ago we had over 400 “major” media outlets. Many of these were independent outlets which weren’t beholden to anyone other than their viewers/readers.  We had LOTS of good, solid, investigative reporting on situations when corporations ignored product safety standards, when congress took away protections of Citizen Rights, when regulators refused to do their jobs.  That is now dead… even NPR and NPB are running ads and infomercials for the Koch Brothers, big coal, and fracking.

Now we have just 8 big boys (Google “who owns the media”) which own over 85% of ALL media.  These corporations are multinationals in many cases.

So what happened to cause my utter disgust for corporate media?  The complete (conveniently for the corporations) lack of any investigative reporting on anything “our” government is doing (or not doing).

Zero reporting on the Toyota accelerator problem, or the fact that the NTSB REFUSED to take any substantial action until they got SUED BY VICTIMS… except to offer a defense for their gross negligence and deriliction… In direct violation of their charter.

Zero reporting on the fact that the FTC is allowing and encouraging monopolies across the board in DIRECT VIOLATION OF THIER CHARTER.

Zero reporting on the Monsanto Protection Act which directed the Secretary of the USDA to IGNORE AND CIRCUMVENT both Rule of Law and Judicial Oversight… Zero reporting (even though it was submitted to numerous editors) on the fact that a freeking  constitutional scholar signed a fiat law after getting a +500k petition to veto it.  ZERO reporting on the fact that Senator Roy Blunt “drafted” that law with the “assistance” of Monsanto and ALEC attornies after getting +$180k in “donations” from…. Monsanto.  Zero reporting in the fact that congress has changed the name of that law 3 times now to avoid Citizen scrutiny and reauthorized treason against the Constitution they swore to protect!

Zero reporting on Occupy, except to discredit and marginalize their valid demands that Congresscritters work for US instead of for those multinational corporations which bribe them.

Zero reporting in income inequality, except for Bill Moyers

Zero reporting on the fact that we have two very different “justice” systems DOR the wealthy and the poor.

Zero reporting in the wasted BILLIONS in the war on drugs.

Zero reporting in the Fact that with FISA and PATRIOT and NDAA citizens have no substantitive Rights left.  Even legitamite demands for redress from a rogue government are being intention all silenced by an obfuscated “permit” process and by direct criminalization of protest.

Yup, I am seriously pissed and disgusted that our 4th estate, our supposed canary in the coal mine, has been killed, dead.  Now all that its good for is a corporate and government propaganda stream, which I refuse to watch or listen to.

Look up Project Censored.  Hopefully you’ll find it as disturbing as I do.

Then look up POGO, Public Citizen, Open Secrets, and Maplight to see how and why we got here.