It really IS time to #RICOtheBastards! !

My @Quora answer to What are some of the most-mindblowing facts about being a politician?

That it seems to be entirely acceptable in the US for a politician to swear a legally binding Oath to protect Our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic; then once in office proceed to immediately gut said Constitution for the benefit of their wealthy and corporate bribers.

I find this apparent tolerance for such criminal behavior even more amazing because we have purpose written Law to deal with just such traitors in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment and in RICO.

It seems that we’ll use such tested law to prosecute Soccer officials (who have zero effects on the wellbeing of the Nation), but not on those capable of, and trying to destroy our Rule of law… or their corporate fascist bribers.

Here’s Looking at YOU Dimon, and Bush Jr., and Obama and Roy Blunt and Ron Wyden, along with the other 467/535 shit weasle bribed and treasonous Congresscritters.