So… you HATE Socialism? Um, sorry to tell ya, but…

My @Quora answer to If average Americans knew more about politics abroad, about what actually happens in other count…

I think that if average Americans (my fellow Citizens) actually thought at all outside of what our corporatist “news” media tells them to think, they’d have no problem at all with socialist ideals. Note that this is regardless of any knowledge of foreign affairs, politics, or the policies of other nations.

After all here’s just a few of the socialist* structures we use every single day:
Police protection
Fire protection
Water delivery infrastructure
Power delivery infrastructure
Mail delivery
Social Security
State parks
Federal parks
City parks
Street parking (less so now with the enforcement being sold off to private companies)
Legal System
Etc. Etc. Etc….

Here’s two of those Etcetera (yes… its already plural) from Andrew McKenzie, in the comments. *Tips hat*

School buses (free mass transportation)
High school sports (taking our tax money so that a relative handful of kids could play sports most of their parents couldn’t afford if they had to play club sports)

Both of which, though costly, serve very useful civic and educational purposes, so we’re happy to socialize them. (And no, sports do not pay for themselves, so don’t even bother with that old excuse).

*Systems owned and paid for by society to benefit all Citizens.

Author’s note: Trope Busted!