Yes, the US is an Oligarchy but, the games not over Yet.

My @Quora answer to Has the USA become a Corporatocracy? If so is this good or bad?

The good old USA pretty much has become a corporotocracy… Though more accurate names might be Oligarchy or Kleptocracy. If you happen to be an individual, non-wealthy Citizen, this really sucks because it means you have zero effective, enforcable, Right to not be stolen from, murdered, maimed, or sickened, for corporate profits.

If you’re wealthy or a corporation it’s wonderful because it means that you basically get to do whatever you damned well please and you can either buy your way out of trouble or even buy a few senators to get your blatantly fraudulent criminal behavior “declared” to be “legal” no matter how badly it harms the Nation or her Citizens.

For your consideration I offer you the Official Starbucks Business Plan

Which is also used by Lowes, Home Despot, Walmart, Panda Express, Darden Restaurants, and many, many others:

Set up shop around the corner from already existing, sucessful, local, businesses.
Cut retail prices to cost, or below cost, for those existing local businesses in order to drive them out. (This is called predatory pricing tactics, and was a federal crime under the Sherman Act until 1980)
Once those businesses are gone (along with the jobs they provide) hire those workers at 2/3 or less market value, and “encourage” them to apply for State Aid. Thus subsidizing your corporate fascism with State and Federal Tax Dollars.
Jack prices back up to 20% above the pre existing market levels.
“Schedule” workers (aka: your new Serfs) so that it’s impossible for them to get a second or third job to make ends meet (or find an alternate job).
Bribe Congresscritters to “declare” this anticompetitive behavior of your to be “legal” and to give you a practical exemption from both the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act. (Something about domestic enemies of Our Constitution belongs here…)
If you’re in the medical industry have your Congresscritters “legalize” Certificate of Need laws to prevent competitors from challenging you in the market.
Off Shore all profits (and monies collected from Citizens “in anticipation of taxes due”) in an International Game of Three Card Monte to evade all legitimate taxation.

I watched this process happen from 2008 to now, in Redmond, Oregon.
Before Mall Wart we had 2 local hardware stores and 2 local grocers in a town of 70,000.

In just 4 years time we had Zero local hardware stores, and Zero local grocery stores (along with zero of the +200 some +$10 per hour jobs supported by those local businesses and local wages).  We lost our local lumber yards to Home Despot and Lowes the exact same way.
Oh… and those “always low prices”? Yup… they went back up to a level 10% to 15% higher than before they started their predatory pricing… so much for the D.O.J.s corporate fascist myth that market consolidation serves consumers!

Add to this the Fact that these utterly insane labor practices force the community to pay the company’s cost of doing business because their employees often have no choice but to use our welfare system in order to survive. It’s been estimated that this corporate fascist behavior costs each community some $500,000 per year per store.

Now… this is by far not the first time We The People have faced such problems:
“I hope that we shall kill in its infancy the aristocracy of moneyed corporations, which dare already bid defiance to Our laws and Challenge Our government to a trial by strength.”
Tom Jefferson

Now here’s the good news: We have Bernie and the 45% who no show in presidential election cycles seem to be waking from their slumber of apathy. 
Bernie is currently running at 35% to, that corporate fascist in sheep’s clothing, Hillary and her 43%.  Here’s the really fun part: Bernie has done this with zero help from the party, zero help from the US corporate owned “news” media, and zero help from big corporate donors. (Unlike Hillary and her purchase agreements with Banking and Insurance).

Here’s the other bit of Good News… That 45% no show is LARGER than either Party can claim and if just half of them show up to vote for Bernie BOTH parties will have their asses handed to them on a platter.

Think We can’t?  Think again. See the “wasted vote” meme which both parties, and the “news” media have promoted so loudly for over 40 years now is a blatant lie which only works if We believe the lie.

Think We can’t ENFORCED Our votes? Think again. There are only a few thousands of them and there are Hundreds of Millions of US.  Consider what happens if just 0.5% (that’s some +1.5 Million) of pissed off Citizens shows up in D.C. one fine day with tar and feathers in hand. What if folks get really pissed and 1% show up to sound off? Do you really believe the oligarchy hasn’t considered this possibility?

Guess What? They have considered it:

As was the case in 1968, the powder keg is set and fused. All it will take, now as then, is ONE event like Kent State to set it off.
That event effectively ended the Vietnam War.
One event where Citizens with little left to lose, stand up and say out loud “Fuck THIS! THIS shall Not stand!”

One famine. One city too many out of drinking water while golf courses get watered. One too many black kids killed by rogue, patriarchal cops.