We need to REPLACE 467/535 of the Chimps in Congress.

My @Quora answer to What is it about the structure of the US government that motivates even well-intentioned politic… http://qr.ae/Lp5vy

There’s an 1967 study in crowd psychology* done with chimps which describes the mechanism operating in Congress.


In a more recent version  (1980’s… It may have been at Stanford, but I don’t recollect precisely: any edits offered for citations would be appreciated)

They took a large cage with an electrified floor, placed a set of stairs with a trigger switch in the base for the electric floor, and hung bannanas so that they could only be reached by climbing the stairs.

Then they turned off the power and introduced several chimps.

The chimps loved the bannana and the stairs until the researchers turned on the power.

The cycle went like this:

Floor power on.
Hang bannana
Chimp climbs stairs to get bannana.
Other chimps get zapped.
Eventually the chimps figured it out and started beating down the chimp trying for the bannana…. every time.
Researchers leave floor off.
Introduce new chimp.
New chimp tries for bannana and gets beat down.
All but one chimp are replaced
old chimp beats down any new chimp trying for the bannana… Never mind that the floor has been off the whole time.

In “our” coopted by multinational corporations and wealthy government the vast roaring waterfalls of money are the bannana to these chimps in Our Congress, and the electric floor is to removal of that money; or the very clear Bribery and Extortion of Public Officials* inherent in: “I’m giving my money to your opponent if you don’t service me from corporate “donors.” Which effectively ends the career because if you can’t be bought, you have no use for these corporate fascists.

*Bribery and Extortion of Public Officials is clearly and specifically dealt with, on both sides, by RICO. This is the genesis of my Battle Cry ” #RICOtheBastards ” which is a demand for redress from my government and a demand that the vigorously apply that purpose written Law consistently without regard to the wealth of someone being a political “donor.”

Heres the Solution to our bribed and treasonous Congresscritters: Turn off the floor and replace all the chimps.

Turning off the floor requires that we limit Congresscritters to only those funds which come directly from their constituents, and banning corporations from any and all political “contributions” beyond what the median private Citizens can muster, because the Right to do so is already vested in the individual Citizens, and allowing corporations to “contribute” (even indirectly) only serves to give the wealthy multiple “voices” in our government.

This is the exact reason for the (conveniently unenforced) sections in RICO dealing with “Bribery of a Public Official,” and the fact that it used to be (THANKS for nothing SC(r)OTUS!) a crime for foreign corporations to “donate” to any public official.

We had this in 1973. It works, and, because it works, it’s been gutted out of law by diligent and long term bribery of Our Congresscritters.

Welcome to 1984! Orwell warned us, as did Eisenhower, and the founding fathers:

“I give you a democratic Republic, if you can keep it.”

“… the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants; it is it’s natural manure.”