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My @Quora answer to What are some positions of Senator Elizabeth Warren that some people object to?

It depends entirely upon which “who” were talking about.

From a Citizen’s perspective I frankly don’t see a single thing to object to in her positions.

As I’ve noted previously here: Kris Rosvold’s answer to Do you think Elizabeth Warren would be a better US presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton?

Like Ms. Warren (and unlike Hillary):

I don’t think banks should get +8% on student loans of our money which serve the Nation as a whole by offering Us a path to a more educated, thoughtful, and cynical electorate.

I don’t think that any business which rips off Citizens by blatant Frauds should have their directing managers and boards protected from the purpose written laws of RICO.

I don’t think that such criminals should ever be bailed out of the repercussions of their frauds… no matter how much money they have.

I don’t think that torture should ever be accepted, or that those who violate Our Constitution should ever be protected from legitimate prosecution because they’re “doing it to protect Tha nashiun.”

I think that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution means precisely what it’s actual words say… that actions (votes) by Congress to violate Our Constitution are the High Crime of “Insurrection and rebellion against the United States Constitution,” and that such traitors to their Oath and Our Constitution damned well should be bounced off the Capitol Steps on their way out.
(Where’s that wonderful Asshole Teddy when you need him and his Big Stick?)

*briefly enjoys the visual of Teddy leaving large lumps about the heads and shoulders of Congresscritters on both “sides” of the aisle… and  thump, Thump, Thump, Congresscritters fleeing at high speed onto the waiting arms of a Million Man March replete with tar and feathers*

So, from a thinking Citizen’s perspective: What’s not to love?!
One little flaw… She didn’t declare even when a whole passle of Citizens asked her to declare.

Now, standing on the corporate fascist side of things there’s lots to hate on:

She’s spectacularly disinterested in servicing corporate bribers the way Hillary has.

She’s also disinterested in allowing the national drive for oligarchy we’ve seen over the past 40 years or so to continue.

She calls out corporate liars and thieves as being liars and thieves.

She calls out bribed “regulators” as being bribed “regulators.”

She, as I do, asserts that whistleblowers serve a critical function in Our government and society and that they should be protected.

She’s dead set against that grand Orwellian lie of the “Patriot” Act.

So… If you’re a Citizen there’s lots to like; but if you’re a corporate fascist, or an oligarch, there’s even more to hate.

And hate they do.

Bernie Sanders gives us much the same metrics, but he has declared.

I’m going to be voting for him hell or high water, even if I have to write him in… which I suspect will be needed thanks to our utterly rigged first past the post voting system (Where’s the U.N. when you need them?).

The Democratic Party Brass can Officially take thier “wasted vote” meme and ram it where the sun don’t shine. I’m no longer willing to vote for another shit sandwich dressed up as a Reuben.

Thoughts to ponder… what if we poke the bear and wake up that 45% of opted out eligible voters to vote for Bernie?

There’s a number which both major parties combined can’t touch!

Oops. Did I just say all that in my “out loud” voice? sorry.

Wasted Vote my ass!

Time to go poke the bear some more.