Why I feel utterly betrayed by Obama the corporate fascist.

My @Quora answer to How has Obama violated his own professed liberal principles? http://qr.ae/BA6Zb

Ok, first we have to deal with the assertion that a professional politician has principles. But for about 34/535 there are no principals or morals in Congress or in the top levels of “our” government.

Were principals extant in our government, Congress wouldn’t be using their +2200 page version of our Constitution to evade, gut, and bid rebellion to the actual words of Our Constitution as they do. The one principal (if you can call it that) at work in Congress is:
“Give us more money, and we’ll do whatever you wish, no matter the cost to the Constitution, the Nation, or her Citizens!”


Note for the record: I level many of the exact same charges, below, and worse at the war criminals Bush, Cheney, and the congresses which aided and abetted their crimes.

Now to Obama… the self described constitutional scholar and reformer… Here’s how he violated his own “principles” such as they are:

He’s claimed repeatedly that the law is meant to apply to everyone equally. Yet, when the time came he has:
Refused to use existing purpose written laws for taking down companies which are Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations.
Refused to even acknowledge the crimes of, much less prosecute, those thousands of psychopathic criminals in our government and military who violated U.S. laws and international laws regarding comission of torture, and conspiracy to commit torture.
Refused to even acknowledge, much less prosecute the crimes of the thousands of psychopathic criminals who used the fiat government power to “justify” State Sanctioned kidnapping, and State sanctioned murder of Citizens, in direct and intentional violation of our Constitution, for the purpose of creating corporate profits.
Acted to strengthen “law” by fiat which claims to allow such kidnapping and torture in direct violation of Our Constitution by signing N.D.A.A. repeatedly.
Refused to acknowledge, much less prosecute the blatant and egregious frauds, thefts and murders comitted by these companies: http://www.businesspundit.com/the-25-most-vicious-iraq-war-profiteers/
Refused to acknowledge, much less prosecute the blatantly criminal tax evasion of multinational corporations, or their blatantly criminal bribery of Our Congress to have it declared “legal.” (RICO applies directly here under the Bribing public officials clause)
Actively commits “insurrection and rebellion against the US Constitution” by asserting that government kidnapping and torture of Citizens is “somehow” *waves hands vehemently in air* legal when our laws and our Constitution specifically and explicitly forbid both.
Actively commits “insurrection and rebellion against the U.S. Constitution” by pushing and supporting “trade treaties” which would absolutely gut Our sovereign Right to have laws which protect Citizens from corporate fraud and predation.
Flat refuses to acknowledge, much less sue to stop the direct, intentional, blatant, and eggregious, violations of the Bill of Rights that is Civil Forfeiture laws. (Aka: Government Theft from Citizens under false color of “law”

I call these actions and “convenient” refusals to act, by Obama and by the vast majority of Congresscritters ™ acts of treason, insurrection, and rebellion against the U.S. Constitution… as defined by the U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment, Section 3.