The Real Games on Taxation

My @Quora answer to Is total taxation in the USA too flat with respect to income?

Oh, goodness! Ya had to go there?!
Brace yourself… you may not like the taste of Truth…
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It’s very close to flat, but thats not the real issue we need to be looking at:

Here’s the real “problem” (which was entirely and intentionally, created by “Our” Congresscritters at the behest of their corporate bribers in about 1981/2)

​Here’s the thing… See that flip between collections from corporations and collections from the payroll taxes on Citizens? That’s intentional. And it was paid for (bought) by multinational corporations evading legitimate taxation.

This corporate bribery:

Gave us this “declared legal” evasion of taxation by multinationals in about 1981:

Here’s what’s even worse: some 33% of the money these treasonous criminals are “hiding” off shore (with the full collusion of Our Congress and the I.R.S.) has already been collected from Citizens as part of the purchase price “in anticipation of taxes due.”

I often find that in thinking about big problems it’s helpful for the sake of clarity to bring that problem to a personal level…

So, this situation is directly equivalent to your employer deducting taxes from your payroll check “in anticipation of taxes due” and then refusing to actually pay those taxes into your account.

Net result: The State and Feds come after you for that money (I know this because I went through this exact scenario in 2011/2012).
So, now I’m not just robbed of the 30% taken out of my checks fraudulently and with elderly from its legitimate purpose, I’m also robbed of another 30% the government wants ME to pay again.

The employer (or multinational corporation evading taxation) is up 30% with money they’re not legally entitled to, and I’m down 60% of my gross because I’m being charged again for money I’ve already had taken from me.

See the scam? This is precisely the dynamic happening with our Local, State, and Federal taxes and multinational corporations because these multinational corporations are by their very design, entirely anti-moral, and don’t want to pay one thin dime to support the very infrastructure which made them so insanely wealthy!

Mad yet? It gets better: I had a court to appeal to. In the case of this international game of Three Card Monte with their profits and collections “in anticipation of taxes due” there is no Court We the People can appeal to for redress because “Our” bribed and treasonous Congresscritters very conveniently declared it to be “legal.”

Not done yet… Ever wonder why in the past 40 years property taxes and bond levies are increasing at a rate of +3%/yr. When historically pre 1940 they increased at about 0.5%/yr.?

That’s the loss of Federal tax money being returned to communities via grants because multinational corporations are actively forcing us to fund all of the repair and maintenence of the very infrastructure which made them wealthy, beyond the wildest dreams of Midas, by refusing to remit what they’ve already collected from Us!

Can you say “Greedy, Lying, Treasonous Bastards!”?

I certainly can.
We The People are not, and never have been anywhere close to being “broke.” We The People ARE being robbed with the full knoweldge, and active collusion, of the entirety of “Our” bribed Congresscritters.