Here’s the real, un talked about, problems with the Treason that is the TPP.
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What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

It has (so far as we’re able to find out) provisions which permit corporations to sue based upon our food and product safety laws being “too restrictive of trade”.

More Power to Corporations
From the Public Citizen link above:
Under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement, foreign firms would gain an array of privileges:
Rights to acquire land, natural resources, factories without government review
Risks and costs of offshoring to low wage countries eliminated
Special guaranteed “minimum standard of treatment” for relocating firms
Compensation for loss of “expected future profits” from  health, labor environmental, laws (indirect or “regulatory” takings  compensation)
Right to move capital without limits
New rights cover vast definition of investment: intellectual property, permits, derivatives
Ban performance requirements, domestic content rules. Absolute ban, not only when applied to investors from signatory countries
A major goal of U.S. multinational corporations for the TPP is  to impose on more countries a set of extreme for-eign investor  privileges and rights and their private enforcement through the  notorious “investor-state” system. This system elevates individual  corporations and investors to equal standing with each TPP signatory  country’s government- and above all of us citizens.

     Under this regime, foreign investors can skirt domestic courts and  laws, and sue governments directly before tribunals of three private  sector lawyers operating under World Bank and UN rules to demand taxpayer compensation for any domestic law that investors believe will diminish their  “expected future profits.” Over $3 billion has been paid to foreign  investors under U.S. trade and investment pacts, while over $14 billion  in claims are pending under such deals, primarily targeting  environmental, energy, and public health policies.

Financial Services

Around the world, there are calls for robust regulations of banks and  the financial sector. There is a new global conseunsus for reregulation  in the aftermath of the 2008 global economic crisis. But there is a  seeming total lack of awareness that most of the world’s countries are  bound to expansive financial services deregulation requirements imposed  by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and various Free Trade Agreements  (FTAs). These terms lock in domestically, and export internationally,  the model of extreme financial service deregulation that most analysts  consider a prime cause of the global financial crisis. Deregulation (not  only liberalization) of the financial service sector – including  banking, insurance, asset management, pension funds, securities, and  more – is among the most important, but least discussed, aspects of the  WTO and FTAs. These onerous terms are being replicated and expanded in  trade deals now under negotiation like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement.

And you think that the ’06 Great Depression was bad?… brace yourself!

Thus, ultimately, it will have the effect of putting multinational corporations in charge of our food and product safety laws.

My problem with that?
Melamine in pet food and baby formula, WITH NO REGULATORY RECOURSE.
See Here: The TPP Attacks U.S. Environmental, Health Laws

The Ford Pinto (Which KILLED 27+ and maimed hundreds; and the exploding pickup truck they built about 15 years later) REPEATS… WITH NO REGULATORY RECOURSE.

Monsanto’s GMO corn which CAUSED corn pests to become resistant to BT, and thus require ever increasing doses of MORE TOXIC chemicals (which Monsanto “just happens” to make) to control those pests… To say nothing of the mass killings of pollinators (bees) caused by these chemicals.

Sorry, I just have a MAJOR problem with corporations being permitted to maim, kill, and poison Citizens without them facing the same repercussions that I would HAVE TO FACE.

The thing which REALLY disgusts and enrages me is that a man who claims to be some sort of “constitutional scholar” and who took an OATH to defend the Constitution has been bribed into treason (along with “our” Congress) and has, as a result of that bribery, committed treason against that Constitution by SUPPORTING the UN-REVIEWED passage of this fiat law!