You really think “our” government works for Us?! Isn’t that CUTE?!!

Here’s why they don’t and won’t work to do their Constitutionally mandated Job 1 of “Protecting Our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Here’s why 469/535 of Our greedily lying Congresscritters so conveniently ignore Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, RICO, and their legally binding Oaths to protect Our Constitution via a 2200 page, blatantly false, obfuscation of an “interpreted” Constitution…

Corporations don’t lobby Congress for fun. They lobby because it helps their bottom line. Getting a regulation gutted or a tax loophole created means extra cash for the corporation. But getting laws changed can be very expensive. How much money does a corporation get back from investing in a good lobbyist?

It’s a messy, secretive system so it was always hard to study. But in 2004, economists found a bill so simple, so lucrative, that they could finally track the return on lobbying investment.

The American Jobs Creation Act benefited hundreds of multinational corporations with a huge, one-time tax break. Without the law, companies that brought profits earned abroad back to the U.S. had to pay a tax rate of 35 percent. With the law, that rate dropped to just over 5 percent. It saved those companies billions of dollars.

In a recent study, researchers Raquel Alexander and Susan Scholz calculated the total amount the corporations saved from the lower tax rate. They compared the taxes saved to the amount the firms spent lobbying for the law. Their research showed the return on lobbying for those multinational corporations was 22,000 percent. That means for every dollar spent on lobbying, the companies got $220 in tax benefits.

That high of a payoff surprised even Alexander:

RA: I was not expecting it to be that big at all. I thought I needed to go check my math.
AB: So after the fifth or sixth time checking you were like, oh, this is the number?
RA: After the twentieth time of checking.
The American Jobs Creation Act is just one example. Not every lobbying effort has a return of 22,000 percent. There are companies that probably lose money lobbying — they spend limited resources on lobbyists and see no benefit in return.

But the company-lobbyist-politician ecosystem, Scholz says, is a problem:

We have a situation where we, in essence, invite corporations to buy their own tax rate through lobbying… which ultimately corrupts both the companies and the politicians.
Read more about Alexander and Scholz’s study. And listen to our previous podcast in our series about lobbying and U.S. politics.

Here’s the paper this is based upon:

Here’s the mechanics of why this is and why Our, bribed into treason Congresscritters flat refuse to actually do their One job according to Our Constitution and their legally binding Oath of Office:

Note: THIS post, and the links in it… even though they’re fully attributed and marked as not my words, is the reason Congresscritters are trying to pass the D.A.R.K. Act by hook or by crook.
They want to remove Our abilities to effectively call out their acts of TREASON.

Oh, please note that I’m well aware of their claim that their acts of treason aren’t “actually” treason because of “protected debate ” “*waves hands vehemently in air*” \*.*/

I reject that argument based upon simple Logic, Reason, and the entire history of Our Law. Like this:

Debate = Discussion =/= Action
Vote = Action =/= Discussion

That this is true can be easily verified by any first year corporate law student who’s watched a Board of Directors debate and then act on changes to the corporate bylaws.
The Vote is the Action!
Every. single. time.
The Debate is the DiscussionEvery. Single. Time.
This convenient, intentional, obfuscation, and evasion, of what is crystal clear, undisputed, and blatantly obvious, in every other realm of Our Law is a flat, psychopathic, lie. It also is Treason against Our Constitution as identified by the actual words of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Those words call such evasions “insurrection or rebellion against the United States Constitution” and are identified as a High Crime for which the intentionally draconian  penalty is to be forever banned “from holding any Public Office, State or Federal, appointed or elected.”

I’m sorry that there’s no nice way to say this. I’m not sorry for saying it.

Even worse for that 469/535 is the Fact that, because these actions of treason against Our Constitution are the direct result of corporate fascists bribing Our Congresscritters, RICO applies; specifically the Section which deals with the Bribery of Public Officials by Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations (aka: Multinational Corporations).