Yo! Hillary! Heads UP! Incoming!

My @Quora answer to How will Bernie Sanders entry into the 2016 presidential election affect Hillary Clinton’s campa… http://qr.ae/728AwI

Well, as of today, here’s some results:

Our boy Bernie is at 31% or better in Iowa, while Hillary is at 41%

​He’s definitely having an effect. I suspect that there’s a good percentage of Citizens who are only thinking about voting for Hillary because of the false meme of “wasted votes” pounded by both parties and the mass “news” media. Methinks the ladies doth protest too much.

Here’s the problem with that meme:
It’s utter bullshit because there’s some 40% of elegible voters who don’t show up for presidential elections. This 40% of elegible voters is a number far larger than either Party can claim.

If these folks suddenly wake up, and vote for Bernie, as a fair number did in ’08 for Obama ….. It’s game Over. For both parties.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: Bernie is the first candidate we’ve seen in over 40 years who isn’t beholden to anyone, and has a long history of explicitly not servicing corporate bribers.

It this enough to wake that 40%?! I dont know. He’s already got a rating in Iowa that’s just 10 points below the presumptive candidate (The Democratic Party and pundits were predicting the mid to high teens). Even better, he’s done this with zero party support and zero corporate money.

What I do know is that I will be voting for Bernie, even (especially) if I have to write him in.  I’m utterly fed the F up with being offered a “choice” between a nucking futts corporate fascist and a less blatant corporate fascist (as the ×××× v. Hillary “race” is being shaped to become).

That so called choice between Hillary and ×××× looks an awful lot to me like ordering a Reuben, and then being offered a “choice” between a shit sandwich on rye with thousand; and a shit sandwich on white.

Bottom line: It’s still a shit sandwich and I ordered a Reuben.

I’m writing in Bernie.

I think this absolutely terrifies both parties because both of them, and our so called news media aren’t saying a single word about it in the hopes that they don’t wake up. What if…?!