Updated heads up to the DC and RNC.


Well, as of today, here’s some results:


According to a survey released Tuesday by Suffolk University, 41% of likely Democratic primary voters said if the Granite State presidential primary was held today, they’d vote for Hillary Clinton, with 31% saying they’d back Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Until now, Clinton has been the overwhelming frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in just about all national and early primary and caucus state polling. But the Suffolk survey, conducted June 11-15, indicates Sanders could give the former secretary of state a real fight in the first-in-the-nation primary state. The independent senator who describes himself as a democratic socialist is energizing many on the left, including supporters of liberal hero Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who’s passing on a White House run.

“The poll is not a home run for Bernie Sanders, but it could be characterized as a line shot to deep left field,” David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, told NH1 News…

“There is a clear gender gap among Democrats in New Hampshire. Among women Clinton led Sanders 47-28%, but among men she trailed 35-32%,” Paleologos said. “Political philosophy divided the candidates. Among moderate Democrats, Clinton led Sanders 46-26%, but among self-identified liberals, the race is tied 39-39%.”

​Bernie is definitely having an effect. I suspect that there’s a good percentage of Citizens who are only thinking about voting for Hillary because of the false meme of “wasted votes” pounded by both parties and the mass “news” media. Methinks the ladies (of the Parties) doth protest too much.

Here’s the problem with that meme:
It’s utter bullshit because there’s some 40% of elegible voters who don’t show up for presidential elections. This 40% of elegible voters is a number far larger than either Party can claim.

If these folks suddenly wake up, and vote for Bernie, as a fair number did in ’08 for Obama ….. It’s game Over. For both parties.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: Bernie is the first candidate we’ve seen in over 40 years who isn’t beholden to anyone, and has a long history of explicitly not servicing corporate bribers.

It this enough to wake that 40%?! I dont know. He’s already got a rating in New Hampshire  that’s just 10 points below the presumptive candidate (The Democratic Party and pundits were predicting the mid to high teens). Even better, he’s done this with zero party support, zero “news” media support, and zero corporate money. In fact, all three of these groups are actively ignoring him, and shutting him out of discussions, in the hopes that he’ll “Just STFU and go away.  Here’s why I don’t think it’s going to go down that way…

That vast silent majority is just as pissed off and just as utterly disgusted as I am with our bribed and treasonous government.

We’re ALL F’ing fed up with criminal bankers being bailed out at Our expense without Our permission instead of being thrown in prison for 15 years under RICO prosecutions… as they damned well should have been (and were in a few nations).

We’re all fed up with “settlements” like the Goldman Sachs one; which is roughly equivalent to a Citizen being fined $5000 for robbing $5,000,000 from a bank, getting zero prison time, and being able to keep the stolen money.

We’re fed up with these “settlements” being used as a fraudulent tool to toll the bell on Double Jeopardy for these criminals, while our bribed government uses the propoganda of our “news” outlets to trumpet blatantly false claims of “victory over the evil doers”

We’re all fed the F up with flat stooopid laws servicing corporate fascist bribers like the Shrub Medicare “Reform” Act which specifically prohibits Medicare from negotiating drug and durable medical equipment costs… thus octupling Our costs.

We’re  fed up with a military industrial complex which creates war for zero valid reason just to increase their profits at Our expense (whole evading taxes with an international game of Three Card Monte with their profits).

We’re fed up with a “budget” system where our schools can’t even afford to do their F’ing jobs because 1/2 or more (We don’t really know because there’s zero effective oversight of DHS, and NSA spending) of the federal budget goes to making wars We don’t want and illegal survilance of Citizens which We didn’t F’ing agree to through any Constitutional Amendment Process.

We’re fed up with a Congress which completely ignores what We want over 70% of the time so they can continue the status quo of servicing their corporate bribers.

We’re fed up with being told that we have a Democratic Republic when we know we’re living in a corporate fascist oligarchy.

We’re fed up with a traitor to the Constitution trying to ram a false flag “trade treaty” down Our throats which would allow multinational corporate fascists to sue Us for protecting Our Citizens from their malfeasance.

We’re fed up with the other 469/535 traitors to Our Constitution, and Nation who refuse to call out the TPP for the treason it is… as is their Duty per their legally binding Oaths of Office, and Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

What I do know is that I will be voting for Bernie, even (especially) if I have to write him in.  I’m utterly fed the F up with being offered a “choice” between a nucking futts corporate fascist and a less blatant corporate fascist (as the ×××× vs. Hillary “race” is being shaped to become).

That so called choice between Hillary vs. ×××× looks an awful lot to me like ordering a Reuben, and then being offered a “choice” between a shit sandwich on rye with thousand, or a shit sandwich on white.

Bottom line: It’s still a shit sandwich and I ordered a god damned Reuben.

I’m writing in Bernie.

I think all of this absolutely terrifies both parties because both of them, and our so called news media, aren’t saying a single word about it in the hopes that the 40% Majority don’t wake up.
What if…?!
Be the change.