My letter to Greg Walden regarding his vote (action) to pass Fast Track for the TPP.

As a constituent, I want you to know that I will not forget your outrageous vote for fast track for the disastrous TPP. I will be watching you all the more closely when/if a vote for the TPP itself comes along.

I regard your vote (action) to pass Fast Track as an intentional act to evade your Duty to Citizens to fully review, and edit the TPP. I’m done being polite about this.

I regard your actions to support the TPP as an act of TREASON against Our Constitution as defined in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution; which you freely swore a sacred and legally binding Oath to “support and protect from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

I also regard your actions to support this TPP as treason against Our Constitution, and as TREASON against the Nation because this corporate power grab tries to give legal cover by fiat to the multinational corporate fascists which are the enemies of Our Constitution and Our Rule of Law upon which our Constitution rests.

I believe firmly that your actions (votes) in supporting the TPP make you subject to imposition of penalties under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

Because your actions result from the corporate bribery you’ve so gleefully accepted, and because your actions also “give aid and comfort to the enemies of Our Constitution” I think you are also subject to prosecution under the RICO Section dealing with Bribery of Public Officials.

Note that I’m aware of the obfuscation you use re: “protected debate” to evade legitimate prosecution for your crimes and I directly dispute the concept because:
Debate = Discussion
Vote = Action
Action =/= Discussion
Vote =/= Debate
Therefore, in any sane world, your actions (votes) against our Constitution and Nation are in no way able to qualify as any form of “protected debate.” This is especially true when we consider that you and your ilk are attempting to change Our Constitution while evading the inherent protections of the Amendment Process. This is the very definition of “Insurrection or rebellion against the United States Constitution.”

ANY first year corporate law student who’s watched a Board Meeting to change the bylaws can confirm these Facts.

I will be working towards seeing you charged and fully prosecuted under both Section 3 of the 14th Amendment and under RICO based upon your actions to support the treason against Our Constitution and Our Nation which is the TPP. I will also be working to see you tossed from office at the first opportunity.