Truth about the overly loud media discussion on “moderates.”

My @Quora answer to Will Jeb Bush’s moderate views bring in more cross-party voters than he will lose if right winge…
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Historically Jeb hasn’t been all that moderate except in terms of where the majority of his opponents land…

I’m at all not sure that his being “moderate” compared to the corporate fascists he’s running against is any kind of valid,  useful, measure from a Citizen’s perspective. In fact, from a Citizen’s point of view he lands somewhere north of the nucking futts fascist side of the Republican party of Eisenhower.

A good example of this is in the 2012 elections. Here, we had several candidates acting and talking like “moderates” relative to the field they were running against, but who voted and acted for the exclusive benefit of their wealthy bribers; with a blyth disregard for the good of the Nation, her Citizens, the Rule of Law or her Constitution. This trend towards corporate fascisim and oligarchy holds true today as evidenced by the very quiet attempts to sneak the DARK Act through by both sets of party brass. This law would make it illegal for Citizens, or Courts to “interfere with” the use of GMOS and the known endocrine disruptors used with them. The commentary in the link page is both enlightening and Question provoking. Note that I voted for Obama the first time and against both him and Romney the second.  I’m also writing in Bernie this time… regardless of which corporatists the partys select for my “choice.”

Here’s the 2012 primary

Here’s the 2012 Election

IME (and I’ve talked to lots of folks in both parties about this) most ordinary Citizens fall somewhere between Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein, yet the winners of the elections have been getting consistently and progressively more authoritarian over the years.

Here’s the 2008 primary

Here’s the 2008 Election

See that huge leap to the Right and the Authoritarian by Obama (and the other candidates to a lesser degree)? This is precisely what I’m talking about.

This “metric” of “conservative vs. liberal vs. moderate” that’s so loudly flouted about by our corporate owned “news” media isn’t really useful to Citizens, nor are the claims of politicians in that regard.

This disengenuious and obfuscating discussion of liberal vs. conservative is a Distract, Divide, and Conquer tactic used by politicians, their corporate fascist bribers, and the entire corporate “news” media to evade talking about that which actually matters to Citizens. It’s also  (along with a dozen or so side issues) used to keep Us at each other’s throats so we’re too damned busy to notice, or react appropriately to the fact that our Democratic Republic has been stolen from all of us (except the wealthy of course) and replaced with an oligarchy built upon corporate fascisim.

Like this:

And this:

And this:

John is wrong BTW. The US Constitution, 18 USC 2340A, the UCMJ, the Geneva Convention, every State, and RICO all specifically prohibit and set stiff penalties for using, or conspiracy* to use torture. (*as in giving an extra legal “authority” by executive order to use it, or ordering it’s use… Bush and Obama).

All of which gives us this:


And more of this:

Here’s the percentages of national wealth held by the wealthiest 0.1%

If you’re a thinking person the first question which leaps to mind is “What does this look like over laid with tax rates, GDP, and income by quintile?” Aka: Who profits from this?

The bottom line is that this loud drumbeat of “discussion” in our media is just another tool used by oligarchs to keep Us (in both the “liberal” and “conservative” camps) at each other’s throats so that We don’t notice or react appropriately* to the fact that our Democratic Republic has been stolen from Us and replaced with oligarchy. The wrong “them” is what’s being identified by these convenient metrics.

*Mass revolt at the polls by voting in someone with a history of working (voting) for the good of Citizens, Nation, and Constitution… like Bernie. Or perhaps burying the Capitol in D.C. with a mail in campaign of tar and feathers.