Clown face is now Officially a presidential candidate.

Here’s what Trump needs to be a serious candidate with a possibility of winning (in order of realistic possibilities):

*cue appropriate music*

A country to run in where Citizens have zero long term memory and zero will to question lies.  The US is approaching that, but is not quite there yet.

The end of Net Neutrality.

Something other than the piece of dog pelt he uses for hair.

A Party to run under which regards him as something other than comic relief.

Expungement of his 4 (four) bankruptcies so they’re not in the record  (Though the 3 and almost 4 companies Bush Jr killed didn’t seem to hurt him any). Seriously; anyone who can bankrupt F’ing casinos (plural), where people literally throw money at you for nothing…. *sigh*

Something to give Citizens some hope that he might actually have a brain, and a heart.

Anything which demonstrates morals other than self aggrandaizing.

A team of spin doctors even better than Bush Jr. had.

National vote rigging and Voter disenfranchisement beyond even the level of Florida in 2008.

Every other Republican candidate to die in apparently normal circumstances.

The Democratic Party to run Bill again by mistake. (Though they might as well be…)

Quetzalcoatl returns, eats the moon, for good this time, and declares him President.

Loki returns with his infamous sense of humor.