What is the best solution for the problem of gerrymandering? http://qr.ae/7vDc4o

The simplest solution to solve our national, intentionally created problem of gerrymandering would be to use a grid of equal sized shapes so that the number of shapes = the number of districts… it doesn’t much matter what shape is used (squares or 1×2 rectangles would be easiest) so long as the shapes are ALL the same size, and same orientation in terms of number of residents.  These lines in todays’ mobile society should be re-drawn at LEAST every 5 years or so.  If you use this system rigorously it’s a fairly simple process. However that will NOT happen… politicians are highly allergic to logic, and would all break out in Hives!

A better solution (from the Citizens’ standpoint ONLY) would  be to simply make gerrymandering completely irrelevant by going to a runoff voting scheme… like NPV  ALL Candidates are listed on ALL ballots. You rank each candidate 1-5 or 1-10 with 1 being I WANT this guy and 10 being Hell NO!  Then the candidate who gets the most aggregate votes (either by runoff or by algorithm) wins the seat.

Now to the problem with this scheme: Politicians (and their corporate bribers) don’t see gerrymandering as a problem EVER (because it works in their favor…)   The other problem is that this process would also go a LONG way to diluting the effect of the truly massive amounts of money that corporations and wealthy are throwing at our politicians (directly and indirectly) in order to bribe them.  Because it would mess with the “system” of corporate bribery of politicians, the corporations and the politicians will tell ANY lie and go to any length to defeat an initiative like this… Look at what the health “insurance” industry has tried (some +44 times) to do to the federal “version” of Romneycare (oops… I mean Obama Care) once they realized that they would be limited by law to 20%gross profit… Look at what they DID do in the House before it was even voted upon (totally gutted the Public Option).

Doubt me?  Read the laws which get passed (and the ones which don’t), ignore the words of the politicians and pundits…

ask ONE Question:

” WHO profits from this?”

THAT is who “your” representatives and senators are, in point of fact, working for.

Useful links for your edification and the education of your friends and neighbors:

ProPublica.org Analysis on laws being considered or passed.

PublicCitizen.org Who’s voting to support which laws… and how those laws affect you.

ProjectCensored.org What our corporate owned “news” media “most carefully, and with great precision” does not ever talk about.

MapLight.org The mapping of who’s paying to pass our laws.

OpenSecrets.org Who’s getting bribed by whom for what. (Aka: Who “your” representatives are actually working for)