Darwin loses….


And again…

There’s a REASON we need gun control in the form of mandated training and in order to obtain a license to be able to buy a gun; before you can own one.

We should handle this the exact same way we handle drivers licensing.

Having a drivers license simply says that you know enough about how to drive a car that you’re not likely to kill yourself or others. No license? No driving.

It should be the same for guns… No training? Got felony? Got spousal abuse charges? No license proving that you have at least a minimal competence? “Lose” a gun? You “didn’t know it was loaded?” Sell one to someone without a training license? No more guns for you.

Note for the Record: I fully support gun ownership on every level, what I don’t support is stoopid people, abusers, and felons, having access to deadly weapons.