Response to all the anti drug folks… Facts:

“Oh MY, goodness gracious!!! They’re smoking that DEVILWEED!!!!”

What happened? …Watched Reefer Madness once too often and actually started to believe it, have we?

This “Crime” is a victimless “Crime” that is only a crime because the use of the substance in question interferes with the prophets (I’m sorry…Profits) of:

1) Big Pharma. Weed is more effective and has fewer side effects, with NO (0)… deaths from overdose, than any pharma produced chemical rat poison. The real “problem” is that it can’t be made profitable for these corporate fascists because the seeds are out there and it quite literally grows like a weed.

2) Big Lumber. Hemp makes better quality longer lasting paper than wood pulp and is a self renewing resource because it’s a weed… it will grow almost anywhere, prolifically and with very little care.

3) Big Cotton. Hemp fibers make better, stronger, softer, more absorbent, fabric than cotton does.

4) Big Oil. Hemp is one of the BEST ropes for all maritime purposes, it’s rot resistant, stretches the correct amount (unlike nylon) is sunlight resistant and is renewable.

5) The only reason that this “crime” actually does cause any harm to society is because it has been artificially criminalized at the behest of multinational corporations.  This artificial criminalization which brings in the Drug Cartels is the proximate cause of all drug “crime.” The true crime here is the complete waste of trillions of dollars in national wealth being used to persecute poor Citizens; and the waste of their potential value to society by imprisoning them for a “crime” which harms no one.