Regressive taxes are only a part of the Actual Problem.

My @Quora answer to Should WE the PEOPLE DEMAND of Congress the following: Repeal the 16th amendment and get rid of …

Actually, if we’re acting for the good of the vast majority of Citizens what we should do is return to a tax system that’s actually progressive; where the poorest pay the least as a percentage of income (not wages but all income), corporations are forced to pay for the privilege of using Our markets and infrastructure, and the wealthiest pay the highest tax rates as a percentage of income… all income.

We should also start enforcing the Sherman Antitrust Act again and eliminate all Certificate of Need laws, and find a way to agressively enforce Section 3 of the 14th Amendment against Congresscritters who vote to pass laws which violate the Constitution.

Last but not least we should claw back every stinking dime of profit “earned” by the use of the massive frauds which tanked our entire economy in 2006. RICO would be the purpose written Law for that application. Note: RICO specifically holds that corporate officers and Boards are directly, and criminally, responsible for any pattern of crime in a company… like the massive, organized fraud comitting by the bankers in collusion with the ratings agencies.

RICO would also apply to the corporate bribery of Our Congresscritters which allows this dynamic to continue:

Failing that, which Nick Hanauer seems to be so concerned about… Pitchforks, along with progressive applications of tar and feathers would be an apropos response.

What these actions would do is put more spare cash in the hands of the lower third of our economy, which cash gets spent, which is what drives growth and actual job creation in any Consumer Driven Economy.

We’ve seen this pattern, and it’s results most recently in the booms and busts of the 1980’s, 1950’s, 1920’s.  When Consumers have spare cash (beyond living expenses) and they spend, the economy grows and gains jobs.  When they don’t, as has been the case for the last 8 years, they don’t spend, the economy retracts, and jobs are lost.

Now… there’s other issues at play which exacerbate these trends. Namely the Trickle Down ” Economics ” myth that moving jobs off shore is Good, Unavoidable, and Necessary *.* This moving jobs off shore always damages the consumer while enriching the plutocrats… which damages the Nation and it’s stability.

*.* = waves hands vehemently in air

What it boils down to is that our National economy is nothing more than the sum of its parts (the local economies) if you destroy a few of those local economies it’s not that big a problem, because the still healthy economies around the damaged on offer resilience to the larger system.

On the other hand if you destroy all the economies, say by decades of NAFTA and CAFTA (and the coming nightmare of TPP) being used to destroy jobs here, then there’s no resilience left in the system and it crashes… violently… as it did in pre- Revolution France, or in pre- Revolution America.

The meme used to promote the policies used to do this to Citizens is a flat lie. Multinational Corporations are not, and never have been job creators. 
Simply put a company can have the greatest product ever made, and if Consumers aren’t spending to buy it, then the company folds. Every. F’ing. Time. The best direct evidence of this is the incredible effectiveness of Consumer boycott.

Here’s Why:

Yes, It really is Just That F’ing Simple. But we have a set of vested interests who tell us constantly throughout the “news” media that we can’t see this simple Truth, or the simple Math which drives it because if we did look at it without their obfuscation the reaction would be… progressive applications of tar and feathers.

Bottom line: People create new jobs for one reason, and one reason only: Their existing crew can not meet Consumer demand. The obverse is why jobs get lost in an economy intentionally contracted by shipping jobs off shore… the Consumers don’t have any spare cash to spend.

This pattern of bribery of Our Public Officials, and the treason they commit in servicing their bribers, is what scares Nick, and scares the hell out of me. It’s also why, over 10 years ago, I made a decision to forgo the large income advantages available in the cities and moved to the back of beyond.  When (not if) the fit hits the shan, I don’t want to be within 100 miles of a major city… and I’m not

In closing, the only candidate we have who is standing, intentionally, outside of the two major and completely bribed parties is Bernie. I’ll not vote for another shit sandwich disguised as a Reuben. I’m writing in Bernie; and the parties can ram their meme of “wasted votes” with or without Preparation H.

Fact: Some 45% of Citizens do not vote. I get why and yet that 45% is a far larger number than either party can claim.

It’s time to rouse the Rabble.