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My @Quora answer to How should the USA respond to the fact that it ranks thirty-third in the Mother’s Health Index, …

Here’s how we should respond:

Start by throwing insurance multinationals bodily out of Our mafia style health care racket by setting up a National single payor health care system which covers all Citizens for all medical, dental, and mental health care, as does every other first world nation.

Next, everyone pays, at the exact same rate, as a percentage of income, including all forms of income. If the wealthy think they’re “entitled” *.* to better care they can buy services and insurance in addition to what the single payor system offers.

*.* = waves hands vehemently in air.

The system we have now offers Citizens not one single benefit over what Canada, Norway, Japan, or even Britain does.

Oh…? You claim that our system costs less? Bullshit.
Look at the GINI index on per capita health care costs. Ours are double those of these nations with 24% to 30% having zero effective, usable, access to health care. (and don’t you dare claim that a ++$3000 bill from an ER qualifies as “access” because we both know that’s a flat lie when a person earns minimum wage or less)

Our cost per capita is over $7,000 per year with over 24% of Our Citizens having zero, effective, usable access; while other nations run at half that amount with every person covered.

The single purpose to keeping the system we have is so that the extra 50% we’re forced to pay can go to the egregious profits of insanely wealthy corporations which bribe Our Congresscritters.

I go over what We actually get from this mafia style “insurance” based health care system, and the magical “math” they use to obfuscate what we’re actually paying here:  Kris Rosvold’s answer to A health insurance deductible sounds like giving away free money to an insurance company. Am I misunderstanding it?