Here’s why everyone should vote. Even if you’re as disgusted as I am.

My @Quora answer to How can I help Bernie Sanders win primaries?

Some great suggestions here..

I’d add that We all need to remember that there are some 45% of Citizens who don’t vote. It’s also worth noting that this 45% alone, is far more than either “major ” party can claim.

Educate yourself so that you can speak clearly, concisely, and factually, to folks about the differences between Bernie and Hillary, and then transfer your knowelege and enthusiasm to them.

If we can rouse these members of the rabble to register and vote… even if they have to write Bernie Sanders in (which I fully expect I’ll  have to do) that number of folks is nearly unstoppable. If they do rouse themselves and vote and someone else is selected (as Bus Jr. Was) it will show our preselected “election” system up to the world as the grand Orwellian fraud that it is.

FOR Those Who’ve Given up…
Rousing the rabble this way could be a nearly unique opportunity to show up our election system for the bad joke that it is… to the entire Nation, and the World.

There’s nothing to lose here.

Rouse the rabble! Release the hounds!!  Sic ’em folks!!!