TPP and TTIP are Trojan horses for corporate fascisim.

My @Quora post: TPP will kill your job… and all consumer protection.

The T.P.P. is yet another Trojan Horse for corporate fascisim in a blatantly corporate fascist way that N.A.F.T.A. never was.

Now Truth out tends to be a bit far left for my taste, but here’s another view:

Bear in mind what was promised to Us for N.A.F.T.A. and the Korean trade treaty, and then remember that just these two agreements cost Us almost a million of Our jobs (and all the tax income which left with them).

It won’t help American workers, or American small businesses in any way because it encourages and rewards corporations that off shore jobs using tax breaks for destroying those US jobs.

It will increase the speed of the race to the bottom in wages and benefits.

Even worse, we only know about 3 of the 27 some chapters totaling over 1000 pages, and these treasonous bastards want Our Congresscritters to abdicate their Duty to Us and Our Constitution:

Sorry folks but giving aid and comfort to the enemies of our Constitution is “Insurrection and rebellion against the United States Constitution.”  This is per Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, and their Legally binding Oath to protect the Constitution.

It will allow corporations to gut any and all regulation they don’t like by allowing them for the first time ever to use an extra judicial “court” to sue sovereign nations for projected ” lost ” profits based upon a regulation they dislike.

There’s even some questions about one of the leaked sections containing language which would effectively ban nations taxing multinational corporations.

It, like PPACA was written entirely with input from the multinational corporations, their bribed and treasonous legislators, and with zero representation for Citizens, or our Constitution.

Hell, because we’ve called out these traitors on their lies, they’ve gone so far as to conveniently declare it to be “a matter of National Security in order to be able to criminally prosecute anyone who releases any more of it to the Citizens.

If this monstrosity passes we really need to make several progressive applications of tar and feathers to our Congressional traitors Washington DC.