Global conflicts drive demand for high-tech military hardware


The first quarter of 2015 hasn’t offered much in the way of relief to those hoping a new calendar year might provide some respite from the upheaval that characterized 2014. But with armed conflicts in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and both west and east Africa continuing to pull new actors into the fray, U.S. defense contractors are facing increased demand for high-tech military hardware as foreign buyers look to shore up defenses or augment forces intervening in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and beyond.

In March, year-over-year foreign sales of U.S. military hardware grew significantly over the same month a year ago, led by a $1 billion Dutch order for 17 Boeing-built CH-47F helicopters. It’s one of four deals announced to Congress last month, an uptick compared to the single deal (valued at approximately $100 million) made in March 2014. Kicking off April with a bang, the U.S. Department of Defense…

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