The real value of Big Data…

My @Quora answer to Is Twitter moving into BigData business a good thing?

I’m torn on this issue of whether or not Twitter going to big data is a “Good Thing” or not, because I look at it from both sides.

From a strictly business side  (caring only about profits) it seems to be a good shift because there’s lots of money to be made selling out your users personal information to other corporations for marketing and other purposes. We shall see.

We shall also see from a Citizens’ point of view whether that’s a good thing or not. See, there’s a fly in that ointment. It is that many folks are becoming more cynical about these companies selling us and our personal data out to targeted advertising.

There’s also a growing suspicion amongst many Citizens (myself included) that this spying on us isn’t a “Good Thing.” Thus many of us use forms of silent subversion to give them wrong information… or we use these services as nothing more than a way to get the word out and discuss things which concern us on a public level, while refusing to give any access to our family lives and who our friends are. (I think there’s 20 “friends” on my Facebook page and I’ve met 3 in person)

Twitter and Facebook will never have access to my email contact list with my permission. Though it’s too late for me to do that with Google (because they stole that “permission” in perpetuity with their early changes to the T.O.S. and they’re all doing this crap now) I don’t currently use anything but email there, and I have a local list of new folks who aren’t in my Google which they don’t have access to. (It’s paper).

Worse, from an advertising utility of view I, and I suspect most people, have developed a momentary  switch in our heads which flips off when ads are crammed in our faces. In my case that “switch” is strong enough that if I see a TV show and you asked me to remember what ads I saw or for which companies, I honestly couldn’t tell you if it saved my life.

That switch is even stronger for me on the Internet. When presented with an ad here, I feel only a vague annoyance because it comes across as “You need our product whether you actually need it or not, shut up and give us your money.” So I treat them the same way most Americans treat junk mail… into the shit can, unopened.

If I see the same ad much more than once a week I’m actually less likely to buy that product or service because that ad cramming comes across as just flat rude, especially when I’m paying for a service. (there’s a hint for the future here Quora, Facebook, Pandora, and everyone else, especially the direct email marketers).  If this ad cramming becomes too intrusive, as it did with Facebook cramming their utter made up shit onto my wall as if I’d actually liked that product; I simply quit using it. Or I’ll feed them bad info.

So the question is “Will it work?”  It might, for a while… In the long run its going to take a whole new paradigm.

As one more hint to Quora (and everyone else)… “Questions” about a company or service written by spam trolls ain’t it either. That will cause me to leave the same way I did with Facebook (which is also tied to a “trash” email account). Yup, there’s still a page there, but I never use it except to promote what I think is good content. (not the advertisers or the companies they’re fronting for).

This spam trolling is the exact reason I never use Yahoo, or Bing, or Ask ××, for anything…

*Asshole Man speaks*
I can’t trust their “information” to be accurate, because the vast majority of it is spam trolls hard at work trying to sell me shit I don’t want; in order to impress folks I don’t give a gaseous emission from a rats hindquarters about. (during a wind storm)

Good luck. Let me know how that all works out for you.

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