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Dear Multinational Corporations… Pay up or G.T.F.O. so we can replace you!

Or… Why *sniveling whining* am I forced to pay taxes?

The authority to impose taxes by the State (aka: Your fellow citizens) stems from the Fact that you use public services, and that We, as a society, have determined that those public services need to be available to every Citizen.

So, if you dislike taxes, fine, don’t use any of the public services We provide you access to.  Some of those are:

Protection from invasion
Police services
Fire protection
Power grid
Water service
Sewer service
Hospitals (Oh? Your kid is deathly ill? Too bad, figure it out.)
Licensing of medical providers (tried homeopathy?)
Property ownership registration (if someone has more guns than you they can simply take your land)
Court system (got mugged or robbed? = Your problem)
Financial network (including F.D.I.C. insurance for your accounts)
Internet (a D.A.R.P.A. creation paid with… taxes)
Communications wavelengths (owned by We The People and leased to companies which provide service)
Protection from multinational corporations putting lead in your plates and house paint which poisons your kids.
Education system (K through 12)… so much for being able to even formulate, much less write, this Question.

Look, the “problem” isn’t “taxes” and never has been.  The problem is that We, who profit least from all these services society provides are made to pay the vast majority of the costs for the maintenance of those services…

Like this:

Also, We private Citizens are being forced through evasions, corporate bribery of Our Congress, and obfuscations to pay ever more of that burden while seeing progressively less of the profit those services provide the basis, and foundation for.