My review of US Federal Taxes.
Our federal tax system has been utterly corrupted by corporate bribery of Our Congress so that the folks who gain the least from Our infrastructure pay the most to maintain it.
Here’s the ultimate result of the pattern of treason I’m about to dig into:

And… Worse it’s not just US. Remember all the uproar in Greece and Italy? It’s world wide.

Just a few examples on the intentionally broken US tax system (better known as socialism for the wealthy and oligarchy for everyone else):
Here’s a general one…
I, an ordinary Citizen, pay some 42% all in.
GE pays negative 9% in Federal taxes.
Facebook pays 2% and zero in local property taxes here, while I “get to” pay $1.38 per thousand in value. Google strong armed that same tax break… as did Nike, and yet… not one F’ing state legislator ever asked the Citizens they supposedly work for if this was acceptable!
PG&E (the company which poisoned an entire F’ing town in California) pays negative 19%
Even Halliburton … the ex vice presidents’ company which defrauded the entire nation to the tune of $ 17.2 Billion… that we can prove… (and then got all the proof buried by a judge under the bull shit claim of “in the interests of national security”) pays only 22%
Here’s more on Halliburton and GE:…

You can look them, and many more, up here:…

Here’s how it was done. In 1981 the Sherman Act and Clayton Act were drawn and quartered by the courts and congress. At this point corporations owning stock in other corporations was conveniently declared by our bribed and treasonous Congresscritters to be “legal.”

This quiet little treason by congress allowed multinationals to create shell corporations to create and own companies which did exactly nothing but “hide” profits off shore in a grand Orwellian international game of Three Card Monte Carlo. This allowed them to shield profits and tax dollars “already collected (from Citizens) in anticipation of taxes due” from all legitimate taxation.

That 1981 treason (which was expanded on in 1995, 2003, and 2008) by Congress gave us this:…
Yes, it’s a long read… but what you don’t know has been screwing you and I over for forty years and more.
That gave us this (which actually started in the 1950’s…)

Feeling a little sore in the wallet yet? Wait… it gets better!

​and better:

​and better:

​For the wealthy but not for anyone else:

Here’s more myth busting about our taxes and our bribed and treasonous Congresscritters:

Tell me again how we’re not living in a corporate fascist Nation.

It really is long past time for several progressive doses of tar and feathers in D.C.

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. We The People aren’t anywhere close to being “broke” as the Republican party brass claim so loudly and often.  We are being blatantly robbed by the very wealthy and multinational corporations with the full and voluntary collusion of Our Congress.
Written 19m ago.