What causes a person to shift political party alignment?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Here's my story of how I became a DINO.

The year was 1981 and I'd been registered Republican since I went into the Navy at 17, two years prior.

The party brass came up with this economic "theory" (yes, I'm being very generous here) called Trickle Down Econimics. This sounded really reasonable on its face until I took a hard look at what policies would be required under this "theory" in our Consumer Driven Society.

It was a blatant con game. So… being a caring and fairly smart Citizen who saw My representatives going down the wrong path, I assembled the evidence and ran the math on what those policies would result in.

Boy, was I ever wrong! I was far too conservative (by almost two orders of magnitude) in the estimates I used to dispute this policy.

I took this 30 pages of evidence to the party brass, presented everything, and completely, logically, shredded the "theory" (with numbers and charts to support). I got a call about a week later asking me to.present it again for some higher ups in the party.  I did and after I was done there were drawn, weary, annoyed (and some scared ones too) faces throughout the room.  The Grand Pobahs pulled me into a back room and basically told me to shut up about this, using numerous appeals to authority, I declined and was told (point blank) to "Either toe the Party Line or get out." Needless to say I became a bit impolite at this point. I think the mildest term I used was "liars and theives."

Two days later I got called into my C.O.s office (whom I hadn't spoken to about this) and got dressed down for "causing trouble for the folks who support Us."

I walked out of his office, finished my shift, and registered as a Democrat the next day.

*Fast forward to 1985*
I'd been out of the Navy for almost two years now…
The Democratic party brass started talking about an amnesty for illegal aliens being "necessary as a matter of fairness."

I got to thinking about this, and while I agreed on one level , I had major reservations because it didn't address the obvious issue of rewarding folks who had actively and intentionally bid defiance to our laws.
It also completely ignored the issues of these claim jumpers lowering pay rates for those in the construction industry by being willing to take work "under the table" at substantially lower pay rates (often 1/3 lower), and by glutting the labor pool.


So… same process, different people. I ultimately left in complete and utter disgust.

Today I'm what would be called a DINO. I'm registered Democrat, but often vote against them, especially on financial matters like bond issues.
I've also voted against some State democratic representatives for their policy of "offering" tax breaks to multinational corporations instead of supporting small businesses (which provide +85% of all US jobs).

If it weren't for a closed (and intentionally rigged) primary process I would be registered Independent.

The only Democrat I've actually supported (voted for without holding my nose tightly) is Jeff Merkley.
The Democratic party keeps begging me for donations and I've given not in dime to them, nor shall I.  I do give to support individual campaigns and issues (like GMO labling) but, so far as I'm concerned I'd be just as happy to see both sets of  party brass starve to death!

In other races I've consistently voted Alternate party (neither Democrat nor Republican candidates).

The simple Fact is that the brass of both major parties have been actively working against the interests of Citizens and Our Constitution for well over 50 years now, and it's long past time for a Citizens uprising to make progressive applications of tar and feathers to Our so-called  "representatives" in Congress.

What causes a person to shift political party alignment?