“Only God can be a true atheist because there is actually no one superior to Him. All other self-proclaimed atheists are pseudo-atheists….

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Mmmm… wow.
Ok… now that I'm done laughing and spraying a mouthfull of coffee all over everything, at the sheer silliness and gross intentional logical errors in the question; let's back up and take a nice logical look at it with a brief application of Occam's Razor.

I think you've just proven my atheism to be entirely valid and correct.

Here's why:
So far in this universe, with the rules and natural laws it now operates under… we know that God only exists by belief.  We can prove this by a very simple, brief, application of Occam's Razor:

There have been some ++2500 "Gods" over the course of history that we know of (including the omnipotent one of Christianity, and Judaism).

These gods no longer (apparently) exist… except by belief in them.

So, we can pretty reasonably assert that all "gods" only manifest their existence through belief in them.

This totally explains the theists assertion that "We must have faith in order to be able to see the works of God in action"!!
It also (inconveniently for theists) confirms my theory by their own beliefs and words! (Oops!)

Thus (and I see this as an entirely possible, if equally unprovable, event)
Were God to be an atheist by disbelieving in its existence then *POOF! gone* it, logically, no longer exists.

I would also note that were I in its shoes (or whatever gods wear) and had such an option as a valid alternative to watching My followers rape, pillage, assault, molest, and torture others "in My Name" for millenia; I would take it quickly.

This leads us to a reasonable supposition which explains so many things about God which at first blush appear nonsensical at first look.

That's precisely what happened:
God did exist, and accurate records were written about that time.  These records survived, but God after some thousands (I'm gonna say 6,000 years) of years of watching its' followers act completely and utterly insane towards anyone who had even slightly different beliefs (over and over and over…) held its breath, decided to not believe in itself, and *POOFED* OUT OF EXISTENCE, leaving behind those records. (Oops!)

Using Occam's Razor this explains perfectly why:

The US Congress of 2001 wasn't buried in a perfect storm of tar and feathers when the violated their sacred Oath to protect the Constitution by passing the USA "PATRIOT" Act.

Why child molester priests, and their protectors weren't stricken with some incredibly painful dreaded wasting disease.

Why Westborough Baptist Church followers weren't repeatedly struck by lightning each time they violated the teachings of Christ (specifically the parable of the log and the dust mote and Johns' specific injunction against judgement) by protesting at a Veterans' funeral.

Why charlatan "faith healers" working for "donations" in Gods Name, aren't stricken with the very afflictions they claim to cure, and don't.

Why these same charlatans aren't stricken with abject, unrelenting, poverty and starvation when they leave a garbage can of $1 and $5 donation checks in the dumpster because "They're too much trouble to cash." (Yes… I've seen them do this last one repeatedly).

Edit after OP edit of details:
Nice attempt at front-loading the question to force the "Answer" you want.

"Only God can be a true atheist because there is actually no one superior to Him. All other self-proclaimed atheists are pseudo-atheists….