What makes atheists so sure that gods don’t exist?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Because of the Intentional Cognitive Dissonance between the teachings of various "saviors" and the actions of their believers.

Were any of these gods real, their zealot "followers" (like W.B.C.) would be a pile of ashes after repeated lighting strikes.

Were the Christian god real, Congress would, long ago, have been the victim of a perfect storm of tar and feathers.

Neither of these events, nor anything even remotely resembling them, has occured.


Another issue for me is the Fact that theists often use indoctrination techniques on children and adults.
Any intellectually honest system of thought has no need for such tactics, or any need of proselytizing. I experienced s many of these tactics as a small child.

"Any system of belief which shocks the mind of a child is no system at all."

Last but not least, there are many, many folks who conveniently use any and all "justifications" to make it appear OK that they claim to follow an all – loving and all – forgiving god while they preach and act upon hatred, discrimination, and abuse.

The actions of these folks combined with the Fact that they are almost never called out and disowned by other christian sects leads me to believe that their "morals" are entirely convenient to the moment.

In order to stay sane my actions must be congruent with my beliefs and morals.
Since this is obviously and blatantly not true of many theists, by evidence of their actions… their belief systems have absolutely  zero value to me as a basis for my morals.

If that hurts, I'm sorry it hurts.
It is the actions of those zealots within the Christian community, combined with the absolute refusal by the larger Christian community to call out these nut jobs and disown them which drives my consideration on this matter.

Congruence of action with asserted teachings… Matters!
As your own Christ said "Faith without works is dead!"

What makes atheists so sure that gods don't exist?