How did you become a neo-Jeffersonian?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

I grew up reading Jefferson, and found his writings and ideas simply made sense to me.

I'm also partial to the writings of Thomas Payne.

I've always leaned this way since my first readings of the Virginia Constitution and the US Constitution. This latest resurgence of the ideas of Jefferson is the first time I've had a handy name to apply to that set of ideas.

For me the US Constitution is (when read and considered as a whole… including the preamble, and amendments, excepting the 16th and 27th) an assertion, a demand, a set of Principals, and an attempt to insure that the government works only for the Citizens, or not at all.

It's something I got to see the tail end of as a young man in the activism of the 1970s', and haven't seen since.

With just a very few exceptions, Our Constitution is about binding Our government in the chains of Law so that it has no choice but to work for the good of the Citizens, the Nation and Our Constitution.

Those chains of Law have been corroded and intentionally broken by the acid of greedy men seeking power over their fellows.  If this nation is to continue we must drag Our Congress (kicking and screaming bloody murder as they will) back to the bounds of power and the Principals of Our Constitution.

That process is now begining with the Move to Amend actions going on across the nation in response to Citizens United.

How did you become a neo-Jeffersonian?