In the United States, does voter fraud exist?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Yes, it's most often comitted by Party Brass or Party Functionaries.

The real incidence of individual voter fraud (where an individual voter wasn't eligible to vote or voted repeatedly) is so exceedingly low as to be laughable, and yet this is what the grand fraud of voter I.D.Laws are based upon.  Individual voters are not, and never have been the real "problem".

In 2012 it was 42 cases out of some ++ 150,000,000.


Or…  =0.000028%

Or… =3,571,428.5714285 : 1.0
At "Worst."

Quite frankly, you have a better chance, statistically, of getting struck by lightning 2 x in a row on the same day and surviving; than you do of experiencing any meaningful "individual voter fraud."

In the United States, does voter fraud exist?