What do atheists think of criminals, rapists, or war criminals who died without being punished for what they did? How do they explain thi…

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

I think life isn't fair, and so it is.
Do I hope they get a comeuppance? Yes. Do I think they will? No.
I see that as all the more reason for folks to take personal responsibility for their self defense. It's really difficult to be a sucessful criminal when your "sheep for the shearing" might easily turn out to be wolves or cougars in disguise.
It's called increasing herd immunity.
It works.

Edit after pondering a bit:
In addition, we as a society need to recognise that a large percentage of criminals turn to crime out of survival needs because our society has taken away all valid, usable, options as a direct result of our penchant for retribution without any effective education and remediation.

Now, I'm not saying this is causation, but it is correlation of one of many factors which drive crimes, and many of those factors are rooted in poverty:

Single teen mothers.
Increasing harshness of drug laws.
Increasing harshness of sentencing for repeat offenders with no treatment or rehabilitation.
Lack of opportunity for returned felons.
Family history of crime.
Family history of poverty.
Rates of illegal immigrants in society.
Drug use (self medication) to escape untenable lives.

These all play in at varying levels but seem to show that at the core, a lack of valid, usable, options for Citizens in our society increase crime.

A case in point is that in 2010/12 we had a string of bank robberies in the area. The guy was caught, and when his story came out he had been unemployed for well over three years, his unemployment ran out over a year prior, and he was trying to keep his house. I believe this kind thing cases far more crime than we as a society care to admit.

What drives that?


Here's the Perception vs. The Reality:


Scary isn't it?
Here's the thing, everyone wants to see themselves as useful, productive members of society. When we take away valid usable options to escape the trap of poverty like education we increase crime. (my degree in 1984 cost about $8000 on a $12,000 income. It was a lot, but it was do able. That same degree would be +40,000 today on a $20,000 income).


When we have policy based upon the blatant lie that the wealthy are "job creators" in our consumer driven economy we hoover money out of the consumers pockets, and increase crime

What do atheists think of criminals, rapists, or war criminals who died without being punished for what they did? How do they explain thi…