Is a world without religion and culture the atheists’ dream?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Q contains/implies false conflation which I could drive a pair of Eisenhower class aircraft carrier battle groups through…
Here's one:

Culture = Religion

Culture has been influenced by religion but in no way equals religion.

That said, no. I don't wish for a world without culture or religion. Both have value.

Here's what I do wish for: A culture where religion has its rightful place: It offers comfort to those who need the apparent certainty and simplicity it provides so that they can live comfortably, without zealot nut jobs trying to impose their beliefs upon everyone else.

We see this demonstrated in action in many faiths… Amish, Judeaism, Buddhism, some of the Sikhs, and a few Christian sects.
These religions use a base starting point of "I know what works for me on my path, but you choose yours and welcome to it." It is a position of mutual respect, strength, caring, and confidence.

Contrast that with the inherently disrespectful and pedantic, psychopathic, stance of zealots (especially in the US and parts of the middle east). This is a position of "I believe but desperately need everyone else to agree with me. If you don't agree, I will proselytize, shun you, attack you, and attempt to pass laws which force you to act as if you agree with my beliefs!"

I choose the former, which would you choose?

Is a world without religion and culture the atheists' dream?