Is atheism a message of hopelessness?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Atheism = hopelessness?!

Not at all.
In fact atheism is a message of Hope and Empowerment.

It's a message of being Able and willing to Question freely without being deemed to be inherently flawed.

It's a message of being Personally Responsible for your morals and for your actions under those morals.

It's a message of honesty by being able to admire beauty for beauty's sake without needing any false assertions to "explain" that  beauty.

It's a message of strength because it requires you to find your own answers to those tough moral questions which we all face.

It's a message of life without fear because it rejects the idea that we are inherently flawed, while recognising our mistakes and correcting them where we may.

It's a message of sorrow for giving up the easy "explanations."

It's a message of hope because you are responsible, and decent, without having to comply with lies.

It's a message of peace because there's no need to convert others or kill them.

It's a message of humor for getting to laugh, heartily, at your own mistakes as you work to correct them.

It's a message of both simplicity, and complexity, for the shades of grey and color you get to see in folks, when your beliefs aren't black and white.

It's a message of sheer joy for its' bald blatant honesty, and intentional congruence.

It's a message of growth for its complete lack of ossified dogma.

It's a message of clarity and joy.

Honestly, what more could a person want?

Is atheism a message of hopelessness?